Ukrainian Surrogates ceases operations in Russia, and opens operations in Czech Republic.


Ukrainian Surrogates

Ukrainian Surrogates is a Ukrainian surrogacy agency of a Ukrainian law firm. We are located in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Our surrogacy agency stands out of other surrogacy agencies in Ukraine by our highest quality full cycle services, professionalism, perfect English, cooperation with the best surrogacy clinics in Kyiv, Ukraine, own surrogate mothers and oocytes donors’ database, rich experience in adoptions and surrogacy services for foreigners in Ukraine since 2000 and, excellent reputation internationally.

Cost of surrogacy in Ukraine with our surrogacy agency is twice less than in the United States of America, with Ukrainian surrogacy services, medical and legal services, Ukrainian surrogate mothers and oocytes’ donors of the top level.

You are welcomed to read about surrogacy in Ukraine, legal, medical, travel, cost information and participate in forum discussions here on Ukrainian Surrogates website.

If you want to experience surrogacy with Ukrainian Surrogates, please, contact our surrogacy agency via our contact form.