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A 55-year-old aunt is addicted to surrogacy, and even gave birth to 13 children with different fathers

According to British media reports on January 11, Carol Hollock, 55, from Colchester, Essex, England, has given birth to 13 surrogate babies for others, and now she is desperate to see herself ‘s biological son.
In June 2004, Carroll gave birth to a 9lb 4oz baby she surrogate for a couple. At first Carroll thought doctors were using her eggs and sperm from another man. A DNA test was carried out six weeks after the baby was born, and she found out that the baby belonged to her husband Paul, which meant the doctor used Paul’s sperm.
The 69-year-old is Carol’s second husband, and the couple had no children before. Carroll and her husband discussed that if the couple didn’t want the child, they would raise him, but if they still loved the child and wanted to keep him, they would keep him with each other.
The couple decided to adopt the boy, and the family kept in touch for several years by letter, but when Carroll lost touch with the couple, she became very upset, saying she kept thinking about her son.
Carroll admitted she had looked up her son on social media and found pictures of him when he was six or seven on his mother’s Facebook page. Carroll added that she never saw her son’s birth as a mistake and has no regrets.
Her son will turn 18 in June and Carol hopes to see him when he turns 18 later this year. “I’m very proud of my surrogacy business and having 13 babies,” she told the outlet. “Surrogacy brings me joy.” “I care more about this child than any other child. Honestly, if he I’d be heartbroken if I didn’t want to recognize us.”

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