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Before delivery famous singer Kamaliya was thinking about surrogacy

Inna Petrovna, Kamaliya’s mother, told frankly about pregnancy and delivery of her daughter. She confessed that the couple couldn’t have a baby and thought about surrogacy as a last chance to have a baby.

Kamaliya’s mother told that on a role of a surrogate mother for singer’s daughter they examined two close relatives.

Quote – “I thought that my younger sister could be a surrogate mother for my daughters. She is 2 years younger than I am. But it could be our last resort. Our niece also fit in this role and she always worried about Kamaliya. But everything changed when we have found a good qualified doctor from Ukraine”.

Inna Petrovna sad that now there are many different technologies and medications, which can help to solve all problems, and one of this is IVF. Quote – “I want to say to women and girls who have problems – don’t lose your hope, because there are many ways to fight infertility”.

Reminding that Friday evening 6th of September 2013, 36-th years old singer Kamaliya gave birth to two daughters.

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