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Border reopening exciting for New Zealand-United States family in unusual surrogate arrangement

Businesses will be able to travel and families reunite after the Government announced last week that New Zealand is reconnecting with the world.
But for one family it’s also a green light to have another baby because theirs is a conception that requires three people and two countries.
Parents Tim and Ashlynn Haworth had their baby Vera born via a surrogate, Tim’s sister Rebecca Haworth, and she’s happy to do it again. It meant IVF was needed, taking Ashlynn’s eggs, adding Tim’s sperm, creating an embryo and transferring that to Rebecca.
“The fact that there are still embryos in the freezer and I am young enough and healthy enough to try again, why wouldn’t we?” Rebecca said.
But it was even more complicated because Tim and Ashlynn live in America and Rebecca is in Auckland.
She flew there to be implanted with an embryo and came back to give birth – and then COVID-19 hit.
Newshub Nation reported on Vera’s complicated conception and surrogacy last year.
“There is nothing like growing a baby in someone else’s womb across the world in a worldwide pandemic,” Ashlynn said.
But it worked, so Tim, Ashlynn, and Rebecca planned it all again for this February until the worldwide threat of Omicron kept the borders shut.
“We had been waiting and waiting and I had been trying since mid-last year to get a MIQ spot but no luck. The release on January 6 – out of 1250 spots I was 9188, so I didn’t have a show,” Rebecca said.
But now she does.
“Fantastic, long overdue. We can actually start making plans now,” Rebecca said. “We will have to get in touch with the clinic over in Delaware.”
It’s still complicated since Rebecca has to fly to the US again to be implanted and Kiwi Tim has to get a visa for his American wife Ashlynn to get into New Zealand.
“It would be good if she was there for the birth of the next one,” Tim said.
But it is baby steps toward having a sibling for Vera.

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