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Cathy Kurik wants to become mother again

Famous TV show presenter, journalist and producer Cathy Kurik confessed that she was sorry as she didn’t have big family. 55 years old celebrity has two daughters, 21 years old Elli and 16 years old Kerry. Cathy admitted that she dreams about having more children.

Cathy says she had to have one more child when she was thirty seven, but she was too busy with her career then. Celebrity knows that fitness exercises after delivery would help her to get back on track, but in any case she would have had to sacrifice her career, and she wasn’t ready for it. Now, when years went by, TV show presenter’s sorry she didn’t create big family. Even now, in spite of her age, Cathy is considering to become mother again. Of course, there are plenty of ways to fulfill her dreams, including surrogacy. It is quite possible that TV show presenter will consider this option.

Cathy says she likes to be in the company of her children, although they are grown up now. TV show presenter liked when her house was full of noise and kids’ laugh.

Cathy feels it’s not easy to accept that she would never be able to give birth to a child again. Her life priorities have changed with time. And she’s so sorry she wasn’t wiser before. Time can’t go back. However, Cathy made a spectacular career. She became the first woman in history who was leading alone main evening news on one of the three main channels in the USA. She was “CBS Evening News”, “60 Minutes” and “Today” presenter. At this time she has her own show on ABC channel.

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