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Changes in Armenia surrogacy legislation

In 11-th of September 2013 the National Assembly of Armenia, during first reading, has accepted the changes to the Law of reproductive health and reproductive rights. The main reason of this changes is to more strictly regulate all relations concerning with surrogacy, protect physical and mental health of surrogate mothers.

Ara Babloyan, the initiator of changes, the speaker of standing commission of healthcare, mother- and childhood, sad that the rise of age requirement of surrogate mother from 18 to 20 years old and obligation of having a baby can protect as physical so and mental health of a woman which want to become a surrogate mother.

Quote – “Young surrogate mother who doesn’t have her own baby may have psychological conflict during passing a new born baby to biological parents. Later this can lead to different mental derangements”.

According to Mr. Babloyan’s words, in Armenia surrogate mothers usually have their own children, but experience of high developed countries show that accepting of such changes is important in case of protecting physical and mental health of surrogate mothers.

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