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Concept of surrogate motherhood

The process of surrogacy begins with the selection of a surrogacy agency, this is an organization that helps future fathers and future surrogate mothers to make the whole process as simple, clear and stress-free as possible. After the agency has approved a suitable surrogate mother for the respective intended parents and the parties have signed the necessary legal documents, the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process begins. IVF is a process during which fertilization and creation of embryos of intended parents is carried out in laboratory conditions. For this, the ovum and sperm of the intended parents are used, if this is not possible, then the biological material of the donor is used. At the same time, the egg donor cannot be a gestational surrogate mother, it will be another woman. So, a surrogate mother is a gestational carrier to which the embryo of the intended parents is transferred, this is a woman aged 21 to 39 who has her own child born without complications.

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