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Criteria for choosing a surrogate mother

Let’s consider the main criteria for choosing a surrogate mother. One of the main ones is age, it is recommended to choose a surrogate mother between the ages of 21 and 40 with a normal body mass index. In this case, it is more likely that the surrogate mother is in good health and does not have potential age-related risks, such as hypertension or preeclampsia. Another important criterion is the positive experience of carrying a pregnancy and giving birth to one’s own child. It is necessary to have at least one pregnancy and childbirth that passed without complications. Good general health and psychological condition are mandatory for a surrogate mother. The readiness of the surrogate mother for the process is important, she must have time to go through all the stages. It is also important that the surrogate mother is supported by family and friends and that during pregnancy she lives in harmony and does not have unnecessary stress due to non-acceptance by her relatives. And it is desirable that there should be love and positivity, if the intended parents and surrogate mother create an atmosphere of love and positivity, it will have a good effect on the pregnancy and the child.

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