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Facts on Surrogacy For Intended Parents

Gestational Surrogacy is when a surrogate carries a baby that was conceived with the egg of either the Intended Mother or Egg Donor and the sperm of the Intended Father or donor. In gestational surrogacy, the surrogate or carrier has no genetic connection to the child.
Surrogacy agencies can mitigate time and cost concerns.
While independent surrogacy is an option, procuring a surrogacy agency to handle to various complexities of the process will save you time, money, and multiple headaches. This journey is a long one and it is important to have an agency by your side that has handled these experiences before. The expertise they offer will not only give you peace of mind but will also help you avoid the hardships and delays that can arise with independent surrogacy. Common pitfalls include failed medical testing, legal problems, and compatibility issues that might otherwise hinder, delay, or nullify your entire surrogacy journey.
She’s not just in it for the money.
Becoming a Surrogate is not easy. It is an enormous physical and emotional commitment. First, the Surrogate must meet a strict list of qualifications before she can even be considered as a candidate. A Surrogate also faces possible health risks, bodily changes, and lifestyle adjustments required of pregnancy. And, of course, there are medical and legal processes leading up to it. All of these factors add up to what is essentially an average salary for the amount of time required.
Surrogates don’t want to keep your baby.
A Surrogate knows what it’s like to have a family and she only wants the same thing for you. Most surrogates feel so grateful to have had relatively easy pregnancies that they want to use this to help others. She doesn’t see the baby as hers to keep – she’s simply carrying the baby for a while so you can ultimately take him or her home.

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