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First “factory” of child production

In small Indian town Adand was opened the first in the world “factory” of surrogate children. The main principle of working of this factory that any family may send by post husband’s sperm or wife’s oocytes and then just come to take a baby in appointed time.

But should to say that millions of dollars was invested in this clinic and it contains all necessary things which can bee needed for life of surrogates, parents and their children. On territory of this clinic is personal maternity hospital with modern medical equipment and highly experienced medical staff. A lot of wards for future mothers, IVF and surgery rooms and medical offices can be found in this “factory”.

If you want to buy some gifts for your friends you can do this in specially prepared gift shops and boutiques and also if you want to stay for long time then you may stay in one of many hotels.

So in one word it looks like real “factory” of complete cycle, but we shouldn’t forget that this clinic absolutely legal and protect best interests of surrogates, parents and their future children.
In the end it wont be superfluous to say that average price for their services is about 28.000 of US dollars and 8.000 goes to surrogate mother.

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