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Former minister Alan Shatter called the state’s inaction on surrogate families a “disgrace”

The Minister of Justice has said in the past that a bill he submitted in 2014 would have resolved the issue of legal recognition of surrogate parents, but the law was not passed. Later, the Supreme Court criticized the legislature for gaps in the legislation and for not yet passing the necessary legislation. A case was described in the press when the mother of twins born through surrogate motherhood does not have parental rights with her children. Mr. Shatter noted that no person should be trapped by laws. And that any legislation at this time will not be able to properly and comprehensively resolve the legal relations between parents and their children born through international surrogacy. Currently, there are about 1,000 surrogate children living in Ireland. They are citizens of Ireland. An Oireachtas committee is producing a third report to address the legal status of such children. And while this issue is being resolved, parents of children born abroad are prohibited from giving legal consent for their children in matters related to them, such as a school excursion or important medical intervention.

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