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Scientists grown a human embryo in laboratory conditions

Scientists from Oregon health and science university (OHSU) and Oregon National Primate Research Center (ONPRC) had grown a human embryo in laboratory conditions which in the future can be used to treat serious diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, cerebral palsy, sparse sclerosis.
This embryo can be used to grow stem cells in laboratory conditions for further use in medical purposes.

According to the information from OHSU, to start the process of stem cells farming a biological sample of skin of sick man and donor’s oocytes are needed. Scientists remove DNA from donor’s oocytes after which place one cell of sick patient’s skin inside the oocyte. Under electrical discharge the skin cell starts to develop and divide. After 6-days stem cells inside the embryo are ready and can be injected to sick patient.

“A thorough examination of the stem cells derived through this technique demonstrated their ability to convert just like normal embryonic stem cells, into several different cell types, including nerve cells, liver cells and heart cells. Furthermore, because these reprogrammed cells can be generated with nuclear genetic material from a patient, there is no concern of transplant rejection,” explained Dr. Mitalipov. “While there is much work to be done in developing safe and effective stem cell treatments, we believe this is a significant step forward in developing the cells that could be used in regenerative medicine.”

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