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Over twenty years our team is helping international intended parents to arrange surrogacy in Ukraine with following adoption when required.

Once you decide you need our help Ukrainian Surrogates are always ready to help you: intended parents, egg donors, gestational surrogates. Our work is based on non-discriminative techniques and policies, high standards of human and medical care, highly ethical, respectful and complete privacy ensuring approach.

Gestational surrogacy in Ukraine is a voluntary process for all parts, that is why you are advised to wait until you feel more comfortable, if your decision to start your surrogacy journey is not completely ready as of yet. We are with you in any and all circumstance.

If you have questions how COVID-19 affects surrogacy in Ukraine,
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What We Offer

In our rapidly changing world, with ecology going down, survival of human species becomes vital. Assisted reproductive technologies can offer conceiving a baby with your own genes for your future generations to enjoy good health.

Your dream - Our mission

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Birth Certificate and Parental Rights

Birth certificates in Ukraine are issued by district departments of civil acts status registration – vital statistics offices, within 1-3 days after application due to OCID-19 restrictions. In normal times the process took 2-3 hours.

Parents acquire parental rights immediately upon child’s birth, as per Family Code of Ukraine Article 123 part 2.

Ukrainian law is one of the most favorable in the world in terms of registration of the child’s birth born by a surrogate mother. The names of the intended parents are stated in the birth certificate. Genetic parents do not need to get any special permits from any committees, courts or other institutions for that. No adoption procedure is required to obtain your birth certificate in Ukraine after your surrogacy program. Your child is legally yours, belonging to intended parents from the very moment of conception.

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Our Specialized Team

Our friendly professionals who you will meet during your exciting journey in our fabulous country

Assisted Reproductive Technologies News

From Ms. Louise Joy Brown till nowadays science went far ahead, and can offer much safer and better techniques of assisted reproduction. See some of the IVF news here.

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