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India decided to regulate sphere of surrogacy

Indian government is preparing a draft bill for regulating surrogacy in case of abnormal popularity of this reproductive method. Foreign couples who cannot have a baby in physiological way very often come to India to become parents with the help of Indian women.

India is so popular between foreign couples because of reasonable prices on medical services, highly qualified doctors and many women who want to become surrogate mothers. Because of this reasons a lot of couples from Great Britain, USA, Australia and Japan visit India for medical tourism.

Sudhir Aya, the representative of ‘’Surrogacy India‘’, states, that “We must regulate this sector because the average price of Indian market of surrogacy is about 400$ millions per year and the amount of fertile clinic is almost 3000. However, according to the investigation of this sphere in Mumbai and Deli, almost all surrogate mothers don’t have any guarantees and any fixed price for their services.”

‘’Surrogacy India‘’ is an Indian bank of oocytes and with help of this bank about 295 surrogate children were born. 90% of clients of this bank are foreign heterosexual couples and 40% – couples of the same sex. ‘’Surrogacy India‘’ was opened in 2007 and became one the biggest Indian oocytes bank.

Also Sudhir Aya sad, that “the Assisted Reproductive Technologies Bill” will be directed to protect rights of surrogates, children and biological parents. According to the draft bill all fertility and surrogacy clinics must be registered in a proper way and will be regularly inspected by regulating authority, only women from 21 to 35 years old will receive a right to become a surrogate mother and surrogacy contract between surrogate mother and biological parents must be signed with further notarization. In addition, this bill will grant a right to have a medical insurance for surrogates.

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