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COVID-19 Travel Requirements


*As of May 15, foreigners traveling to Ukraine (regardless of country of origin) must have:
a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within 72 hours prior to entering the country
health insurance that covers COVID-19 treatment in Ukraine
children under the age of 12 (1)
drivers and crew members of freight vehicles, buses engaged in regular services, crew members of aircraft and ships, river vessels, members of train and locomotive crews (1, 2)
employees of representative offices of official international missions and organizations accredited in Ukraine (1, 2)
Citizens of Ukraine (regardless of country of origin) must have:
a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within 72 hours prior to entering the country
self-isolate for 14 days and install the Dii vdoma app on their phone (you can take a PCR test once back in the country to shorten the self-isolation period)
undergo observation at a designated medical facility


Foreigners coming to Ukraine must have health insurance that covers all COVID-19 related treatment and observation for the duration of their stay in Ukraine.
The policy must be issued by an insurance company registered in Ukraine; or a foreign insurance company with a representative office in Ukraine or a contractual relationship with a partner insurance company in Ukraine.
This requirement does not apply to:
foreigners and stateless persons permanently residing in Ukraine;
refugees and persons needing additional protection;
employees of diplomatic missions and consulates, representative offices of international missions and organizations accredited in Ukraine, members of their families;
military of NATO member states and Partnership for Peace member states participating in the training of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


Citizens of Ukraine who do not arrive with a negative COVID-19 test must self-isolate and install the Dii Vdoma (Act at Home) mobile app. Border guards check for the app. If you are unable to install the app, you must go to a designated facility for observation
You can download the app on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ua.gov.diia.quarantine&hl=uk
You have 24 hours after installing the app to arrive at the destination where you plan to self-isolate. The app sends push notifications for selfies confirming your location – you have 20 minutes to do so. Local police are notified if the photo or geolocation do not match, if the app has been uninstalled, or the phone has been turned off.
The app is currently available only in Ukrainian – an English version is being developed.
A Ukrainian SIM card is required to use the app. Future versions should work on non-Ukrainian SIM cards.
Contact your airline about purchasing a Ukrainian SIM card.
For questions about the Dii Vdoma app contact the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.


If you take a COVID-19 PCR test at a certified laboratory in Ukraine and receive a negative result you do not have to continue medical observation / self-isolation.
The list of certified labs can be found on the website of the Center of Public Health (CPH) of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
In case of a negative result, the labs enters the information into an online platform which syncs with the Dii Vdoma app hourly. Users receive a message on the Dii Vdoma app that they can end self-isolation / observation.
The phone number provided when taking a COVID-19 test must match the number used to install the Dii Vdoma app.

The following is not recommended before taking the test:

24 hours – drinking alcohol
6 hours – using nasal drops or sprays
4 hours – eating, drinking, smoking, gargling, brushing your teeth, chewing gum, candies


Kharkiv airport (HRK)
Location: Ticket office #20, Terminal A ground floor
Price: starting at 1,200 UAH
Hours: 9 am – 11 pm daily
Payment: cash or card
Test reform form
Results in English and Ukrainian
Contacts: +38 (093) 737-77-56 / testpcr.airport [@] gmail.com
More info – https://hrk.aero/en/flying-safely-with-kharkiv-airport/

Kyiv Boryspil airport (KBP)
Location: 2nd floor of Terminal D passenger (domestic flight departure area)
Samples for PCR tests are taken 24/7 by airport medical station personnel and processed by the following labs: Adonis, Medlab, Esculab, Universum Clinic, IMMD
Results are issued in Ukrainian and English
Prices are set by each lab (range from 890 to 1400 UAH)
Rapid testing is also available and takes up to 20 minutes. Prices are set by each lab (range from 750 to 850 UAH)
Contacts: medical-duty-doctor2 [@] kbp.aero/ +38 044-281-72-35 / +38 063-980-67-47
More info – https://kbp.aero/en/covid-19-general-information/

Lviv airport (LWO)
Performed by UNILAB
Price: 1,500 UAH
Results can be obtained in Ukrainian, Polish or English
Payment: online at https://www.unilab.com.ua/index.php/ua/covid-19/2-uncategorised/69-coronavirus
More info: https://www.lwo.aero/en/Covid-19

Odesa airport (ODS)
Performed at the airport first aid post by CSD Medical Laboratory 24/7
Price: 1800 UAH
Contacts: +380(67)815-6557
More info: https://testcovid19.com.ua/odessa

For any queries or assistance please call: