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FAQs by Intended Parents

When you decided to become parents, you started to have questions about it. How, why, where, what and how much, with who and what guarantees? Please, find below answers that we have gathered for you from our two decades experience.

Gestational surrogacy in Ukraine is legal since the year 2004 when new Family Code of Ukraine came into force. Part 2 of Article 123 names surrogate as “another woman” in regards to a “married couple” using “assisted reproductive technologies”.
Here is a full text of Article 123 of the Family Code of Ukraine:

Article 123. Defining parentage of a child born as a result of assisted reproductive technologies’ use.

1. If a wife delivers a child, who was conceived because of assisted reproductive technologies’ use, which was carried out according to the written consent of her husband, he is registered as a father of the child.

2. If a human embryo, which was conceived by a married couple (a man and a woman) as a result of assisted reproductive technologies’ use, gets transferred into the body of another woman, the married couple is registered as parents of the child.

3. A married couple is recognized as the parents of the child who was born by a wife after a human embryo was transferred to her body conceived by her husband and another woman as a result of assisted reproductive technologies’ use.

Yes, only a married couple of a man and a woman can apply to use surrogacy in Ukraine.

Surrogacy in Ukraine is available only to legally married couples consisting of a man and a woman with infertility issues and woman’s age before 55 years old.

Yes, commercial surrogacy is legal in Ukraine. Surrogacy in Ukraine is open for all sorts of compensations, remuneration and other benefits for surrogates and egg donors, which makes commercial surrogacy legal and flexible in Ukraine. However, costs are fair and affordable for most intended parents who qualify the requirements.

Gender selection is legal in Ukraine, which makes it a desired destination for many intended parents who need gender control in their families. There are neither special conditions nor any other requirements for use of gender selection in Ukraine. Gender definition is achieved in a result of preimplantation genetic diagnostics carried out on intended parents’ embryos in genetic laboratories in Ukraine.

People go to Ukraine for surrogacy because surrogacy is legal and affordable there, Ukrainian fertility clinics are of highest western standards, Ukrainian women are very calm and reliable, responsible and trustworthy, many beautiful women with blond hair and blue, green or grey eyes. This makes Ukraine also a great destination for egg donors.

Intended parents in Ukraine can be legally married couples consisting of a man and a woman with infertility issues and a woman’s age before 55 years old with a genetic link to the child.

Necessary conditions for surrogacy are:

– the presence of medical indications for surrogacy provided above;

– documents required for the surrogacy are provided below;

– spouse (or one of the future parents) in whose interests the surrogacy is performed must have a genetic link with the child;

– surrogate mother should not have a direct genetic link to the child.

Close relatives of future parents (mother, sister, cousin, etc.) may carry the child.

The list of documents required for surrogacy submitted by the intended parents:

– intended parents’ application for the use of assisted reproductive technology;

– copies of passports;

– a copy of the marriage certificate, notarized and apostilled;

– medical reference with the statement of medical indications for using assisted reproductive technology – surrogacy, notarized and apostilled;

– a notarized copy of a written joint agreement between the surrogate mother and the woman (husband) or both intended parents.

Ukrainian Surrogates promise to lead you until successful end of your surrogacy journey and be here for you on every stage of your process as intended parents, surrogates or egg donors. We shall teach, support and direct you continuously all the way down to your goal.

Ukrainian Surrogates is a surrogacy and egg donation agency of full cycle, we provide all services in-house: legal support, surrogates’ and egg donors’ database, medical consultations, insurance and reproductive health council. We cooperate with a few IVF clinics in Ukraine to provide our patients flexibility and assurance. You will be served by a team lead by case manager and consisting of doctor of reproductive law, reproductive health doctor, surrogates and egg donors’ manager, customers’ manager, clients’ support specialists.

Ukrainian Surrogates provide unprecedented benefits for intended parents, like guaranteed pregnancy program with unlimited surrogate and egg donor matching, unlimited IVF and frozen embryo transfers; and guaranteed live birth program including all of the above and plus guarantee of live birth of your child.

Surrogacy is one of methods of assisted reproductive technologies, supported by a legal agreement, whereby intended parents cooperate with fertility clinic, surrogacy agency, gestational surrogate carriers and egg donor for creating or adopting embryos, implanting them into uterus of the surrogate, who voluntarily carries the child or children until birth for these intended parents who will become the child’s legal parents after the child is born.

Gestational surrogacy is when a surrogate carrier has no genetic link to the child she carries.
Traditional surrogacy is when a surrogate carrier has a genetic link to t
he child she carries.
Ukrainian Surrogates provides only gestational surrogacy services.

Many reasons influence how long surrogacy takes. Naturally, 9 months pregnancy term, before and after, overall we suggest you plan on 18 months’ time. Although it may be shorter or longer, it is determined by your egg donor stimulation of ovulation for egg donation process length, success rate of IVF after preimplantation genetic screening, surrogate’s endometrium preparation success, post-birth legal essentials required to bring your child home and, possibly, adopt, if your country’s legislation prerequisites that.

Certainly! However, not via surrogacy in Ukraine. Surrogacy in Ukraine is limited to “officially married couples consisting of a man and a woman with medical indications” as per 2 part 123 Article of Family Code of Ukraine. UARM members IVF clinics in Ukraine limit age for surrogacy of intended mother by 53-55 years old, intended fathers’ age is not limited.

You schedule a free Skype or Zoom appointment with our attorney and case manager. During this private Skype meeting you will tell us about yourselves, your surrogacy decision history, your schedule when you plan to start your process with us. We’ll tell you about ourselves and our surrogacy programs that suit you, answer all your questions, offer you a game plan.

Yes. We are part of law firm Immiline LLC, members of the Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine (UARM), the Ukrainian Association of Medical Tourism (UAMT). Our case managers are members of the Medical Tourism Association, the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). Our attorneys are members of the American Bar Association (ABA) Section of Family Law on Assisted Reproduction Technology, and are admitted to the Ukraine Bar.

Yes, you can. Men can have their sperm washed in Ukrainian IVF clinics we work with. Women can have egg donation program with Ukrainian Surrogates. Sperm wash guarantees removal of HIV virus because it lives in fluids, not in sperm cell. Not all IVF clinics offer these services, because it requires separate embryo lab and storage.

Ukrainian Surrogates have a history of successful HIV patients’ surrogacy journeys.

You need to visit our online egg donors’ database https://www.eggdonorukraine.com, and choose a few candidates, as many as you like, and put them by numbers in priority order, so that we work on your list and determine who is available now, and inform you about it by sending an appropriate egg donor’s profile to you with complete phenotypical information and pictures. No identifiable information can be provided about egg donor, because egg donation as well as sperm donation in Ukraine is anonymous. Once you approve one egg donor, we will start the process of stimulation of ovulation preparation. You will need to come to Kyiv for sperm collection before eggs retrieval.

Surrogate carrier candidate will be defined for you by matching priorities from both intended parents’ questionnaire and surrogates’ profile. Only healthy, preliminary medically, legally and psychologically screened surrogates’ candidates’ profiles without identifiable information will be emailed to you for approval.

Ukrainian Surrogates screens surrogates before a match with intended parents. If for any reason the surrogate cannot start the endometrium preparation for frozen embryo transfer, Ukrainian Surrogates will make a new match free of charge.

In spite of the distance and quarantine restrictions, we encourage intended parents to write letters, emails, send small gifts like music you want your child to listen to, books to read aloud, etc. to their surrogate carriers. You can also do Skype video calls, and even visit your carriers in Ukraine. Ukrainian Surrogates managers will happily organize everything needed for all communication demands from you.

We support open, honest and direct communication with our surrogates, egg donors, IVF clinics and intended parents. We will help you create continuous but easy relationships with your surrogate, which will last during the life of your child. Intended Parents are welcomed to learn more about culture and surrounding of Ukrainian surrogate carriers – simple women of over seven thousands’ years old Ukrainian civilization.

Deliveries usually take place at a private maternity hospital in Kyiv Adonis Plus. Very rarely our medical team may recommend that a delivery take place at a maternity hospital of scientific research institute of obstetrician and gynecology with the best neonatology ward if there are any complications or threat of premature delivery.

Intended parents may be present at the delivery process, if surrogate and maternity hospital approve that. Intended parents will need to make chest x-rays and provide COVID-19 PCR tests results of last 48 hours to be admitted to the maternity hospital and child’s delivery.

After the birth, the baby will remain in the nursery for a few hours, and then brought to your room. In normal circumstance the surrogate, your child and you will be released from the maternity hospital in 3 days.

Ukrainian Surrogates cooperate with several IVF clinics in Ukraine: Kyiv, L’viv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Dnipro. Decision of which fertility clinic to use is entirely of the intended parents. We will work with any IVF clinic intended parents select.

Your vitrified embryos are safely stored in your IVF clinic. You may decide to move your embryos, use them in the future and extend the storage period, destroy or donate them to the IVF clinic of your choice.

You will need to come to Ukraine 1-2 times, for collecting your biological materials by the IVF clinic, and birth of your child. But intended parents are welcomed to visit more often during the process.

It depends on amount of legal work and the procedures required by the country where intended parents are from. Usually, we suggest intended parents to count on going back home after 3-4 weeks, to let enough time for DNA tests and consulate’s procedures and application for visas or passports. Issuance of birth certificates takes up to 3 days now.

In case your country requires court decree confirming parentage and maternity, or you decide to get Ukrainian citizenship for your child, it will take 2-3 more months. Parents may hire a babysitter, ask their relatives to help for these months. We will completely support you in any one of these processes.

If you choose one of these options, Ukrainian citizenship or court decree confirming parentage and maternity, you may not need to adopt your child back home, as it is frequently required by some countries in Europe for mothers – wives of biological fathers of your child. Countries like Spain, Germany, Italy, and France consider a surrogate – the woman who carried the child – to be a legal mother of the child.

Whereas in Ukraine according to the part 2 Article 123 of the Family Code of Ukraine, both parents in an official marriage, when at least one of them has a genetic link to the child, have immediate parental rights, parentage and maternity over their baby. This is confirmed by issuance of a birth certificate with both parents registered as parents of your child right away after delivery. Only medical birth certificate issued by the maternity hospital contains name of the surrogate. Your final official birth certificate issued by Ukraine will contain only name of your child and yours as his parents.

Based on “jus soli”, children born in Ukraine are customarily eligible for Ukraine citizenship and Ukraine passports, whatever the citizenship of their parents. Intended parents can go back home with their children without obtaining a passport from their country. However, some intended parents might want or have to obtain either passports or emergency travel documents for their children at a local consulate of their country in Ukraine in order to return home after the birth.

Our legal team, experts in immigration and passports, will assist you in obtaining Ukrainian citizenship certificate and Ukrainian biometric travel passport for your child.

We recommend you consult with immigration attorney in your home country for information about the best procedures for returning home with your children.

Most surrogates have complete families and children, and feel a calling to help infertile couples, and to make it a positive journey in all regards for all sides. Some surrogates are medical workers and know this process from within; they have professional experience with infertility, and are willing to help a couple to become parents. Whatever every surrogate’s circumstance is, they all sincerely want to help you grow your family.

Ukrainian Surrogates thoroughly screen surrogates candidates prior matching with intended parents. Surrogates are screened by our surrogates managers during initial interviews, profile examination, legal background checkup, medically, psychologically, police clearance.

There is a list of government requirements for surrogates which we amended by additional demands in order to ensure better success of our programs. Here are some of our requirements for surrogate candidates:

– Has own child delivered by herself
– 21-36 years of age
– Is a citizen or legal resident of Ukraine
– Body Mass Index (BMI) no higher than 30
– No active police records
– Support of family and friends
– No use of drugs, cigarettes, or alcohol abuse
– No use of anti-depressants
– Leads a stable, responsible lifestyle

Usually egg donors are young women looking how to help others while also helping themselves money vise. Most of these women dealt with people who have suffered infertility, or know other women who have donated their eggs. Our egg donor team works only with dedicated egg donor candidates who you can rely on for growing your family.

Egg donors must be between 18-36 years old and in good physical, reproductive and emotional health, have own child, must have a family medical history free of: negative phenotypical manifestations, significant genetic syndromes or abnormalities and mental health conditions.

You can choose an egg donor on our website https://www.eggdonorukraine.com based on phenotype and initial data. All egg donors in our database are proven and experienced. No identifiable data is available due to anonymous egg donation in Ukraine. You will give us a list by numbers in priority order of egg donor candidates you have selected, we’ll check who is available, and send you profile of egg donor who is first available from your list.
Then your case manager and egg donors’ manager will help you to make a match with the egg donor of your choice, and start process of stimulation of ovulation of the egg donor.

No. Egg donation is anonymous in Ukraine. Profiles of egg donors you will see will have no personal and contact information of candidates. All egg donors are free of parental rights towards your children.

Ukrainian Surrogates’ legal team is coordinating with our case managers to make sure intended parents select a correct legal package for particular country citizens of which they are, due to the fact that some countries demand a post-birth court decree, some not; some intended parents choose for the child to become citizen of Ukraine, some want to file additional paperwork with their countries’ consulates and immigration departments. Some need none of that. Other would only need DNA test.

Before IVF and embryo transfer, you will need to have finalized your documents with IVF clinic, surrogate, and agency, which we do for you, and you just sign. You will have to ensure that a guardian is in place to care for your children in the event of your death by amending your will with this clause.

Ukrainian Surrogates work with assigned by yourselves local attorneys in the countries where you reside in order to accomplish the legal work necessary to secure your parental rights, paternity and maternity. Your surrogacy legal work might include a judgment of paternity and maternity, Ukrainian citizenship and passport obtaining, or an adoption in your home country.

You may find it convenient to work with an immigration or a family law attorney from your home country for help finalizing your parental rights after you return. Some intended parents use an independent attorney to review our services contract before signing it. Most do not think it is required to counsel on this topic, but everybody reviews the contract carefully and sometimes desire some edits or make comments before signing. Once you are in our program, however, Ukrainian Surrogates’ legal team will act as your counsel for all legal matters related to the surrogacy in Ukraine.

Yes. When we match you with a surrogate, we will draft a surrogacy agreement (child-carrying agreement) and organize signing it by your carrier and yourselves. This agreement covers everything from the medical procedure to your surrogate’s reimbursements. This agreement may be signed by the parties on the distance, or be notarized, when required. For notarization all parties must appear before a notary in Kyiv in person.

You will not need to sign contract with your egg donor because egg donation is anonymous in Ukraine, and you will sign contract for IVF with egg donation with IVF clinic with our help.

Please, visit Surrogacy in Ukraine Costs page to see costs of our surrogacy programs, and Surrogacy in Ukraine Programs for detailed description of the surrogacy programs we offer you.

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