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Legal Support

Surrogacy is a complicated process legally in addition to all medical procedures and emotions.

All tricky connections of invisible ties and legal logic of assisted reproductive technologies events will be meticulously untied and presented for your approval, signature, notary, apostil, translations, express mail, to make sure you receive everything you need for your future family life at your home.

We’re providing you legal services before, during and after process of surrogacy, they are well needed all the time, and we take good care of it. You can rest assured that Mr. Zaichuk will do his best, just like all our team, on your behalf while you can concentrate on your daily routine.

You will have a lawyer in your journey support team for filing all paperwork with IVF clinic, signing medical contracts, applications, consents, surrogacy agreement with surrogate, egg donor agreement with clinic, establishing parental right, renouncing parental rights of the surrogate and her husband if needed, preparing applications for the consulates, and passport and birth certificate issuing authorities.

Ukrainian Surrogates have good relationships with surrogacy lawyers around country and internationally, to help intended parents to have a painless process possible anywhere parents would live.

Our experienced head of law department Mr. Ihor Zaichuk is helping intended parents from different countries in assisted reproductive technologies law for 5 years.

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