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Surrogacy in Ukraine Process

Surrogacy process in Ukraine from the medical, legal and organizational sides consists of the following steps:

– Sign your service contract with Ukrainian Surrogates agency Case manager, making first payment;

– Come to Kyiv for biological materials collection (at least one parent must provide his materials), signing agreement for medical services with IVF clinic such as IVF, ICSI, applications, submitting your passports and marriage certificate notarized and apostiled copies translated to Ukrainian;

– Obtain your fully screened surrogate’s profile;

– Obtain your egg donor profile;

– Sign gestational surrogacy agreement – match with a surrogate carrier, 2nd payment;

– In vitro fertilization (IVF) by ICSI method;

– Preimplantation genetic screening PGS of embryos by CGH array method on 24 chromosomes;

– Frozen embryo transfer of up to 3 embryos per time;

– Pregnancy test β-HCG in 14 days;

– Repeating frozen embryo transfer if needed;

– Ultrasound diagnostics of small term pregnancy in 10 days, confirmation of pregnancy;

– Medical supervision of the surrogate carrier during 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimesters including genetic screening of 1st and 2nd trimesters, ultrasound diagnostics, KTG, medical checkup by the same doctor of reproductive health who was working with the carrier from the beginning, blood tests, internal body organs ultrasounds, urine tests, occasional tobacco and drugs tests;

– 6 weeks’ ultrasound, heartbeat detection;

– If needed, hospitalization and pregnancy maintenance;

– 1st trimester successful screening with ultrasound and blood test, cancellation of administering hormone based medications supporting pregnancy, 3rd payment;

– 2 trimester successful screening with ultrasound and blood test;

– Moving of surrogate mother to Kyiv after 32nd week of pregnancy;

– Delivery, 3 days’ stay in the maternity ward, payment of 50% of final remuneration to your surrogate carrier, signing notarized renunciations, applications, and consents;

– Obtaining birth certificate for the child;

– DNA test if needed;

– Visit to the consulate of the parents’ country with surrogate carrier if needed, payment of second 50% of final remuneration to your surrogate carrier, she gives you “no claims” receipt for full amount, notarized;

– Obtaining passport or travel document for your child, successful and smooth trip home.

Some countries require additional documents for your children, like court decrees, or additional renunciations. We promise that we shall do our best to get them for you if you ever need it.

Intended parents may need to make some medical tests in our IVF clinic in Ukraine where you arrive for collection of your biological materials. Intended parents must have medical indications for infertility treatment by means of surrogacy.

It is strongly advised to be calm for a few days before submission of your biological materials. Stress is to be avoided by all means, as well as hot tubs, sauna, and hot shower, sex, ejaculation, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, prescription medications (except as prescribed by your doctor reproductologist) for 5 days before.

The list of documents required for surrogacy submitted by the intended parents:

– intended parents’ application for the use of assisted reproductive technology;
– copies of passports;
– a copy of the marriage certificate, notarized and apostiled;

– a medical reference recommending you using surrogacy due to health reasons;
– a notarized copy of a written joint agreement between the surrogate mother and the woman (husband) or both intended parents.

Some medical indications for surrogacy in Ukraine are:

– absence of uterus (congenital or acquired);
– hypertension;
– inability to carry a child to term;
– deformation of the cavity or cervix in congenital malformations or due to surgery, benign tumors, in which pregnancy is impossible;
– structural-morphological or anatomical changes of the endometrium that lead to loss of receptivity, synechiae of uterine cavity, which is not treatable;
– severe somatic diseases, in which pregnancy threatens the further health or life of the recipient, but which do not affect the health of the unborn child;
– unsuccessful repeated attempts of assisted reproductive technology (4 or more times) with repeated receipt of high quality embryos, the transfer of which did not lead to pregnancy.

Necessary conditions for surrogacy are:

– presence of medical indications for surrogacy, provided above;
– documents required for the surrogacy, provided above;
– spouse (or one of the future parents) in whose interests the surrogacy is performed must have a genetic link with the child;
– surrogate mother should not have a direct genetic link to the child.
Close relatives of future parents (mother, sister, cousin, etc.) may carry the child.

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