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Why Intended Parents Choose Ukrainian Surrogates?

Why intended parents choose Ukrainian Surrogates?

Your surrogacy agency is your partner on your journey to parenthood. Ukrainian Surrogates bring our more than 20 years of experience, the highest success rates in the industry, and a passionate team who supports you every step of the way.

What do you, as a surrogacy agency, do?

Our surrogacy agency Ukrainian Surrogates work with intended parents to help you and support you at all levels during your surrogacy experience in Ukraine.

Our surrogacy agency is a full-service, meaning that we have enough professionals on staff (legal experts, case managers, egg donation coordinators, surrogate coordinators, psychologists, medical staff, accountants, translators, notaries and more) to assist you in every medical, legal, technical, physical and emotional side of your surrogacy journey.
Other surrogacy agencies are partial-service. A partial-service surrogacy agency may support the services required by intended parents, but unlike full-service agencies, they do not have the resources in place to support surrogacy journeys from the very beginning through to the very end.

There are many surrogacy agencies in Ukraine, and each offers something a little different. Please, do your research to see which type of agency is right for you.

What are the benefits of a full-service surrogacy agency?

Ukrainian Surrogates is a full-service surrogacy agency: we provide all professional services (except IVF and PGS) to our intended parents. When intended parents come to Ukrainian Surrogates, you can expect full support and high-end service throughout the whole surrogacy process, from the moment you sign the service contract, through matching with a surrogate and pregnancy, and right until post-birth procedures. Ukrainian Surrogates have professionals on staff for your legal, medical, psychological, accounting, billing and transportation needs.

When intended parents work with an agency like Ukrainian Surrogates, they pay an agency fee as a part of the overall surrogacy costs. The following is included in your surrogacy agency fee:

• Full coordination of your journey, including a dedicated team of surrogacy professionals
• Searching, screening and matching with your surrogate and egg donor
• Full surrogacy journey support
• Complete legal work
• Post-birth support.

When you work with Ukrainian Surrogates, you can be sure that you are working with a best-in-row agency with more than 20 years of experience making parenthood possible.

What are the reasons Ukrainian Surrogates is the best surrogacy agency choice for you?

We offer you a surrogacy journey experience you will not find anywhere else.

99.5% success rate for intended parents who had a baby from their first two or three embryo transfers. This is the highest success rate in Ukraine!

100% of Ukrainian Surrogates’ staff have personal experience as parents, 50% via surrogacy, IVF or adoption. Because of these facts, we do our job with so much passion and knowledge every day.

We offer surrogacy programs with fixed prices and one embryo transfer, and guaranteed programs with unlimited embryo transfers. Our fixed price programs provide you with the security of paying one fixed price for a single embryo transfer surrogacy journey. This allows you to know your full surrogacy cost in advance, and removes a risk of any unexpected fees and hidden expenses throughout the journey.

Ukrainian Surrogates also offer guaranteed programs, which offer you unlimited IVF, unlimited embryo transfers, unlimited change of surrogates and egg donors for a fixed price. Ukrainian Surrogates’ Guaranteed live birth surrogacy program also includes the Ukrainian Surrogates’ guarantee: we will refund 100% of our agency fee plus unused expenses if you come home without a baby.

We have the highest quality screening for surrogates. Ukrainian Surrogates provide a complete screening of our surrogates before matching with intended parents. This means that every surrogate candidate ready to match has been fully checked legally, medically, psychologically and even by police. For Ukrainian Surrogates our intended parents’ and your future babies’ security and privacy are number one priority.

Ukrainian Surrogates encourage communication between intended parents and surrogates. Establishing close relationships, you can get to know your amazing surrogate who is compassionately devoting a lot of her time, health and power to make your dream come true. A lot of our surrogates and intended parents sincerely feel like a family when the baby is born, such an astonishing moment for every one! We genuinely foster these relationships because it is the best way to bring a baby into the world in surrogacy programs.

More than 20 years we continuously help the world become parents

Every surrogacy journey is unique, which let us progress as a surrogacy agency. We provide you a feeling of a cozy boutique family agency combined with unlimited resources of a large organization and skills of working in international cross-border teams in order to offer you the most up-to-date support and solutions in your life’s most important journey.

We offer a selection of finest surrogacy programs for growing your family

Surrogacy in Ukraine Programs meet your needs

Our more than 20 years in business connected with our personal and professional experience have lead us to establishing a finest selection of surrogacy programs that meet the needs of the most of officially married intended parents. We incorporated programs for you if need only a surrogate, a surrogate and an egg donor, and for those who want live birth guarantee. We offer double surrogates’ journey options, as well as discounts for siblings’ journeys.

Review our Surrogacy in Ukraine Programs in detail, and see which program is right for you.

Visit our FAQs for answers on common questions from intended parents like you.

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