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It is necessary to change the unfair attitude towards surrogate motherhood

Having given birth to a son on our own, my husband and I decided to have more children. But after going through a large number of miscarriages and unsuccessful rounds of in vitro fertilization, I received a sad diagnosis that my son’s Y-chromosome attacks all subsequent pregnancies and there is almost no chance of bearing another pregnancy. That’s when I started studying the process of surrogacy and immediately saw a lot of negativity that hung over this concept like a dark cloud. But delving into the issue and talking directly with those who already had this experience, I realized that everything bad about surrogate motherhood is more politics and has little to do with reality. Now our surrogate mother is carrying twins for us and my husband and I are very happy about it. Of course, I am sad that I cannot do it on my own, but I am very grateful for this opportunity that I have. And I really want the attitude of politicians and people towards surrogate motherhood not to be shrouded in misinformation. And for people to talk about it honestly and remove the stigma from this process.

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