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Jennifer Aniston – surrogacy and celebrities

Jennifer Aniston – next case of celebrities using surrogacy services? Many celebrities have started actively using surrogate mothers’ services. Famous actress Jennifer Aniston is considering having a baby with the help of a surrogate just like Sarah Jessica Parker, Elton John, Neil Patrick Harris, Nicole Kidman and Robert De Niro. Jennifer seriously considers surrogacy after she became a witness of Nicole Kidman’s baby birth. Before many believed that Aniston was going to adopt a child from Mexico, but it looks that now she has another option. Obviously she is moving towards her dream of becoming a mother.

Like many people Jennifer Aniston was delaying her pregnancy by various reasons, but now she has choice. Surrogacy is a very lucrative option because child has genetic ties on DNA level with the future parents, which is not the case with adoption. Many celebrities already made their educated choice for surrogacy before, and are enjoying happy parenthood now.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s surrogate mother gave birth to twins.

Elton John’s son Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John was born via a surrogate after the gay couple David Furnish and Elton John were denied permission to adopt because of John’s age.

Neil Patrick Harris used a surrogate to have their twins Gideon Scott and Harper Grace with the actor and partner David Burtka.

Nicole Kidman’s surrogate delivered her second child daughter Faith Margaret with Nicole’s husband Keith Urban.

Robert De Niro and his wife Grace Hightower used a surrogate to carry their daughter Helen Grace.

These are well-known facts of celebrities using services of surrogates. Apparently, there are much more cases of celebrities using services of surrogate mothers which we don’t know of. However, the number of celebrities using surrogates is growing steadily.

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