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Kirkorov first told everyone why he’d chosen to use surrogate mother

Famous Russian singer for the first time told why he used a surrogate mother to deliver his children.

The artist became a father of two children, a son, and a daughter, just recently with a short break. Russian pop king never made it a secret that his children were delivered by a surrogate mother. Kirkorov assures that he used surrogacy services for himself. With the kids’ birth, his life became brighter and full of new colors, the singer claims.

Artist admitted that he said this openly to the whole world, to set an example to childless couples who cannot naturally conceive and bear a child. The singer has previously stated that he was very afraid of loneliness. Not all his friends supported Philip’s openness.

He spoke in details of the firstborn Alla-Victoria.

Photos of the baby christening soon appeared on the Internet. He does not speak in such details about his son Martin.

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