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Know more about Gestational Surrogacy

Gestational surrogacy is an arrangement in which a woman carries and delivers a baby another person or some other couple. The woman who actually carries the baby is called the gestational surrogate or a gestational carrier. The parents to be are usually known as intended parents and they are involved in the pregnancy and when they give birth, the willing couple becomes the actual parents. The gestational surrogacy cost varies from place to place.
In gestational surrogacy, the baby is not genetically related to the surrogate. The egg usually comes from the intended mother or a donor of the egg. The sperm comes from the intended father or a sperm donor and this way an embryo can be used.
Without a donor embryo, in vitro fertilization is necessary because the eggs from one woman are used to create the embryos which would be implanted in another woman’s uterus. In the IVF, fertilization occurs after the eggs and sperm are combined together in a laboratory. One or more of the embryos are then transferred to the gestational surrogate’s uterus.
Only 1 percent of all the assisted reproductive technology procedures get involved in gestational surrogacy.
When is a gestational carrier necessary?
Using a gestational carrier is very necessary when :
You do not have a uterus
If you have problems with your uterus
If you are having signs of unsafe pregnancy
Other fertility treatments have failed or so on

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