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My own experience of surrogacy

Focusing on my career as a journalist, I put off the thought of having children. But before my 40th birthday, I still decided to freeze five eggs. When I was 43 years old, I got married and my husband and I started trying to increase our family. There were several attempts at in vitro fertilization and other assisted reproductive technologies, but nothing happened. So the question of using a surrogate mother arose. We were helped to decide on this step by an acquaintance of a gay couple from Israel who already had a child through surrogacy in the USA. I am American, my husband is Croatian, and we live in London. So we initially considered surrogacy in the UK, but because of the 18 month waiting list and the laws that determine the surrogate mother and her partner as the legal parents, we decided to do it in the US. Having found a surrogacy agency in California, we transferred the embryos to the clinic that was recommended. After the surrogate mother was selected, the embryos were transferred to her uterus. A pregnancy occurred, but at the eighth week there was a miscarriage and this was my last biological material. But we decided not to give up and used donor eggs. Two new embryos were transferred to the gestational carrier. Finally, in January 2018, twins, a boy and a girl, were born and I finally became a mother. It was incredible and I always say that our surrogate mother didn’t just give birth to my children, she also gave birth to me as a mother. Today my children are three years old and it is three years of boundless happiness.

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