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Surrogacy is generally a legal agreement where a woman agrees to carry the baby of another in her womb for a period of 9 months. The surrogacy has become widely accepted all over the world.
Myths revolve around almost every type of assisted reproduction and surrogacy is not untouched from it.
Any woman can become a surrogate mother: this is absolutely false. Every woman is not ready to accept surrogacy and her physical condition, as well as mental acceptability, are necessary to be a surrogate mother.
A surrogate mother is entitled legally to keep the baby: this statement does not hold true. These are already legal agreements and involve the legal transfer of the child from surrogate mother to those with whom the agreement has been done. The people with who agreement has been done are the parents of the child. They have all the legal rights on the born child. This is not valid only if the laws do not go in favor of the same.
The child can have some DNA’s of surrogate mother: this is also a myth. The child bears the DNA of the parents and not surrogate mother. The child has the egg of mother and sperm of father. This is the biological make of the child that he/she inherits from his/her parents and there is no chance of bearing any DNA from surrogate mother. In addition to this, the child’s blood supply is through his/her own blood which is made in his/her body and not from the surrogate mother’s blood. He/she does not have any physical or mental characteristic of his/her surrogate mother. Thus, he/she does not bear any genetic inheritance from his/her surrogate mother.
Surrogate mothers accept surrogacy for money only: this does hold some truth but it is not entirely true. This is because the real intention of the surrogate mother is the welfare of the society and to make the deprived couples enjoy and experience the feeling of pregnancy if not totally then to some extent. Moreover, couples can have their own biological child. The happiness that they are giving and spreading cannot be measured in monetary values. They are just intending to reduce the pain and proliferate the joy of parenthood.
C-sections and surrogacy do not have any link: this is again a misconception which has been gaining grounds around surrogacy. For a surrogate mother, it is necessary to be fit for cesarean section too. A woman can be a surrogate mother in some of the countries if she did not have 3 or more complicated C-section deliveries in her surrogacy or the fertile lifetime of being a mother.
All in all, parenthood is the most wonderful feeling of the world and every person is entitled to experience this feeling whosoever wants to. There is nothing like only celebrities or rich can afford it or the child will not have a biological resemblance to the parents. It is a reproductive technique available for all and instead of creating any misconceptions or believing on anything, it is better to consult a physician or any surrogacy center to clear any doubts that one has in his/her mind.

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