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International surrogacy for Australia

Protection of children's rights is a priority of the relevant department. Australia's obligations…

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The influence of war in Ukraine on international surrogate motherhood

Gestational surrogate motherhood is completely legal in Ukraine. They can be used by…

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Surrogacy bill fails in South Dakota

In South Dakota, a bill has been introduced that is called "anti-surrogacy" and…

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Rosanna Davison about surrogacy experience

Former Miss World Rosanna Davison talks about the feelings she had to experience…

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Chrissy Teigen plans for surrogacy

In the life of 36-year-old model Chrissy Teigen, unfortunately, a terrible miscarriage occurred…

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Malta Surrogacy Bill finalized

Malta Health Minister Chris Fearne spoke at a press conference about the IVF…

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Different surrogacy bills compete in South Dakota

The South Dakota legislature will consider two competing bills surrounding commercial surrogacy. The…

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Derry dads to the first surrogacy baby in the north of the UK

Patrick and Jon Coyle went through the entire process of IVF and surrogacy…

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Irish parents had baby born by a surrogate in Ukraine

Baby Luke Moynihan was born five days early, bringing incredible joy to his…

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Thailand wants to allow foreigners to hire local females to carry babies

Thailand changes surrogacy laws. The purpose of the changes in the legislation is…

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