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Border reopening exciting for New Zealand-United States family in unusual surrogate arrangement

Businesses will be able to travel and families reunite after the Government announced…

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Only legal parent of child born through surrogacy battling cancer, court hears

A family is asking the High Court to declare that the State's failure…

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Surrogacy is a necessary option for couples

Having a child is not an easy choice. Surrogacy can be a riskier,…

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Change the law and smooth the path to surrogacy

Claire Kelly knows more than most about surrogacy – she has carried three…

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About surrogacy

The word “Surrogate” literally means a person who acts as a substitute in…

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Parents of children born through surrogacy must be recognised legally, says Irish academic

Children born through surrogacy are “disadvantaged in a range of areas” as they…

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Surrogacy – What Is It?

Surrogacy is a type of pregnancy in which a woman carries and delivers…

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The Talk: 4 experiences of IVF and surrogacy

The Talk discusses real life issues from a personal perspective. There's no presenter…

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Reasons People Use a Surrogate Mother

1. Infertility Infertility is one of the main reasons why would-be parents opt…

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Officials warn against ‘double standard’ on commercial surrogacy

Recognising international commercial surrogacy arrangements, where women in foreign countries receive payment to…

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