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President of Ukraine vetoed law project #8282 about limitations in using assisted reproduction technologies


The law about prohibiting surrogacy in Ukraine for citizens of countries that prohibit surrogacy like Germany, France, Spain, and so on, which was vetoed last December, didn’t overrule President of Ukraine’s veto, and now has status as “denied, removed from consideration” on official website of the Parliament of Ukraine. http://w1.c1.rada.gov.ua/pls/zweb2/webproc4_2?id=&pf3516=0989&skl=8 (in Ukrainian)

vetoPresident of Ukraine vetoed law #8282 about limitations in using assisted reproduction technologies previously adopted by the Parliament of Ukraine.

The law stated that any married couple of citizens, whose countries forbid using of reproduction technologies by law, is not recognized as parents of the child.

Assisted (surrogate) motherhood in Ukraine was proposed to be carried out only for the citizens of the countries, where this procedure is allowed by law.

The law also foresaw limits on age of a woman using artificial insemination and embryo implanting by 51 years old, and only in exclusive cases the restriction can be lifted by special medical board of local government authorities in healthcare.

The law was turned down as discriminating women’s rights based on article 16 of United Nations Convention.

UN Convention obliges countries to provide women with free choice of quantity of children, periods between their birth and access to the means allowing them to exercise this right.

This law looks especially discriminating in a context of a recent increase of a pension age for women in Ukraine, and EU integrations perspectives of Ukraine.

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