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Rosanna Davison opens up about ‘guilt’ surrounding surrogacy experience

Rosanna Davison has opened up about her ‘guilt’ surrounding daughter Sophia’s birth, after the former Miss World had to turn to surrogacy in order to have her eldest child.
In a recent Instagram post, the ex-model spoke on her experience as she and husband Wes Quirke, travelled to the Ukraine to find a surrogate.
Rosanna has been vocal about her struggles with fertility over the years, having suffered a heartbreaking 14 miscarriages since she began trying for a child.
Alongside an image of a bloated yet still beaming Rosanna, the mother of three wrote; ‘This day three years ago in Kiev, it was the day before my surrogacy egg retrieval procedure. As you can see, my tummy was bloated and bruised from the hormone injections.’
‘It was one of the only photos I took of the whole ovarian stimulation process, which took about ten days in total, because I was so worried that it wouldn’t work. Smiling here but inside I was petrified,’ she candidly revealed.
Rosanna went on to detail the procedure at length, giving fans an insight into how daughter Sophia came to be.
‘I was being closely monitored for ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and although it was very uncomfortable to walk around in the final few days before the retrieval procedure because I was so swollen, the retrieval went well.’
’23 eggs were successfully harvested – one of which became our daughter,’ the beauty queen fondly remembers.
The star went on to recall her feelings of guilt over not being able to carry the pregnancy herself, but found solace in knowing that Sophia had always been a part of her in some capacity.
‘I still struggle with guilt that I couldn’t give birth to Sophia myself,’ she wrote.
‘It’s comforting to think that she was a part of me, that she had been in my body my whole life as a little egg – and as I had been in my mother’s body too, as I was developing in utero.’
Rosanna went on to show her gratitude for those who made the experience possible, praising how far we’ve come as a society in terms of medical science and fertility.
‘It’s truly a miracle that we live at a time where medical science has made IVF and surrogacy possible, and that there are amazing women willing to carry another couple’s child.’
‘If you’re going through something similar at the moment or even considering it, all the advice I can really offer is to stay as calm as you can and to trust in the process’ the online personality advised.
The former model ended the post by sharing her thoughts with those facing a similar fate, as well as paying tribute to the people of Ukraine at this politically charged time.
‘Thoughts are with the parents through surrogacy, the surrogate mothers, their families and all affected by the current situation in Ukraine.’

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