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Scientific studies of gestational surrogacy

The main purpose of the study is focused on the assessment and identification of factors that encourage surrogate mothers to participate in the process of pregnancy and childbirth. The conducted studies showed that the main motivation is not money but altruism. And this is the main type of motivation regardless of the country in which the research was conducted, whether it was Great Britain where altruistic surrogacy is legal. Whether it was Ukraine or the USA, where commercial surrogacy is legal. This is due to the fact that most gestational carriers have an increased sense of self-worth and achievement, which creates a sense of self-efficacy and increases self-esteem. It is noted that a very small percentage of gestational carriers consider financial gain as the main motivation for participating in the process. Investigating the psychological state of surrogate mothers before and during the process, it was observed that despite social opposition and the stress caused by them, surrogate mothers enjoy pregnancy and childbirth and that they increase self-efficacy and self-confidence. Surrogate mothers are well adapted emotionally and psychologically, this is confirmed by research findings.

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