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Slowing-down photography in IVF

doctor Simon FishelBritish scientist, doctor Simon Fishel, the founder of the first in the world IVF clinic and leading world expert in infertility treatment had told about use of new technology of slowing-down photography in IVF. According to doctor Simon Fisher’s words it was the greatest breakthrough in reproductive medicine for last 35 years.

This new technique allows scientists to receive exact forecast of which embryos have greater chances of successful fertilization and further development. Women will have up to three times better chances to get pregnant with the help of IVF now.

“The most common reason why IVF fails is chromosomal abnormality (known as ‘aneuploidy’). Approximately 70% of embryos produced, either through natural conception or IVF, are lost before birth. A major cause of embryo loss, including miscarriage, is aneuploidy. Embryologists in routine IVF practice cannot differentiate between chromosomally viable and chromosomally abnormal (aneuploidy) embryos, and this can result in aneuploid embryos unwittingly being transferred to the womb, which will compromise IVF outcome. This is why this technique is such an exciting and important development.”- explained Dr. Fishel.

During the standard incubational period scientist made not less than 6 images of embryos during 5 days, but the slowing-down photography allows to see up to 5000 photos in the same period of time. This means that embryos’ development will be under better monitoring which will allow to select more perspective embryos for IVF. This will increase women’s chances to become mothers up to three times.

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