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Stories of women who have experience of surrogate motherhood

When former Marine Lisa Wippler learned about how many people needed the help of a surrogate mother, there was no stopping her confidence that she would follow this path. And at the age of 49, Lisa was already a surrogate mother three times. And she inspiredly shared her experience with legislators who at that time were considering the legalization of surrogate motherhood in New York. She noted that financial payment is important for a sense of stability, but is not the main reason, and emphasized that no one forced her to do this, and she enjoyed the opportunity to help others realize their dream of parenthood. According to statistics, these are the beliefs of the vast majority of surrogate mothers. Until then, surrogacy agencies follow the guidelines of the A.S.R.M. and conduct a thorough screening of candidates for surrogate motherhood, after which only 1-1.5 percent of applicants become surrogate mothers. And despite the health risks associated with this process, all surrogate mothers note that it is an incredible feeling to see a child in the hands of those who have wanted it for so long.

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