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Surrogacy Definitions

In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF): The surrogate becomes pregnant through the IVF Process – the process in which the surrogate is inseminated with the intended parents’ lab-fertilized embryo, and becomes pregnant with their child.
Intended Parent: this is the person who cannot carry a baby to term and hires a surrogate instead. In gestational surrogacy, egg and sperm from the intended parent (or a donor) are a part of the transferred embryo. An intended parent may be a single parent, same-sex couple, or a married couple.
Surrogate: this is the woman who carries a baby to term for the intended parents. Usually, she is between the ages of 21 and 39, has had a previous successful pregnancy, and already has child(ren). Surrogates are also often called gestational carriers or gestational surrogates
Surrogacy Agency: This is the organization that helps intended parents and prospective surrogates through every step of the surrogacy process, from screening to matching to mediating contact and more.
Egg Donor: If the intended mother can’t provide her own eggs for the IVF, she can use a donor’s eggs. An intended mother may decide to use donated eggs if her own eggs are unhealthy. The egg donor and the surrogate mother are two separate people. The surrogate can’t provide her own eggs, so the intended parents would have to acquire the eggs from elsewhere. Sperm banks and sperm donors are also available for intended parents who can’t provide sperm for the IVF.
Egg Retrieval: It’s easy to collect sperm for the IVF, but it takes time to collect the eggs. The intended mother or egg donor will have to undergo surgery to retrieve said eggs.
Embryo Transfer: Following IVF, the embryos are placed inside the surrogate mother in the hopes that at least one will stick. After the transfer is complete, the surrogate will be monitored. Once it is confirmed that she is pregnant, she’ll have to see an obstetrician regularly.
Matching: Surrogacy agencies interview both the surrogate and the intended parents before introducing them to each other. They match surrogates with intended parents based on their desires and preferences.

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