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Parentage and Maternity, Post-birth Court Decree

Because both intended parents acquire parental rights immediately upon child’s birth, as per Family Code of Ukraine Article 123 part 2, it means that both husband and wife acquire parentage and maternity without need for further adoption in spite of the fact that one of the parents may have no genetic link to the child.

This clause often contradicts some European Union countries legislation by which mother is the woman who delivered the child. That’s why intended mothers citizens of Spain, Germany, France, Sweden, Italy, Norway are required to adopt their surrogacy children in order to become legal mothers for them even when they have genetic link with their own babies.

The Ukrainian Surrogates and Egg Donors Agency’s law firm Immiline LLC will represent you in Ukrainian court of law to obtain court decree for confirming parentage and maternity if needed. We provide full support to the parents before, during and after surrogacy process for all legal actions. We keep in touch with our surrogates, and can administer any required documents to the parents from them.

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