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Surrogacy is becoming more common in England and Wales

Research has shown that compared to ten years ago, the number of parents in England and Wales who used surrogacy to grow their family has almost quadrupled. Dr Kirsty Horsey says the Law Commission is reviewing surrogacy law, which is long out of date and in need of reform. According to the existing laws of Great Britain, a woman who gives birth is considered the legal mother of the child. Therefore, in the case of surrogacy, a court process is required that transfers the right of paternity to the intended parents. Data from the Ministry of Justice on submitted applications indicate a rapid increase, including from same-sex couples and single parents. Same-sex couples make up a third of all applications submitted. These data only confirm that reform of UK legislation on surrogacy is urgently needed. Therefore, everyone is eagerly waiting for the Legal Commission to publish its recommendations regarding the reform of the law on surrogacy.

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