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Surrogate motherhood allowed a single man to realize his dream of fatherhood

Single man Shaun Resnik, at the age of 40, decided not to give up on his dream of being a father. In order to get permission to use surrogacy, he had to get the approval of the panel of experts for examining patients of the Department of Health. After becoming the first unmarried man in Victoria to be officially approved for surrogacy, he described the experience as “very difficult but necessary”. In mid-April, a son was born and Shaun is happy to pass on his boundless parental love to him.
Last year, another man from New Wales was also approved for surrogacy and became the first single man in Australia to become a single father through a local surrogacy. It is important for him that his child knows who was the egg donor and who was the surrogate mother. Because it is important for the psychological development of a child to know who created it and to have a connection with it. So these cases will inspire all other single men in their quest to become fathers.

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