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The experience of four different families who became parents thanks to surrogate motherhood

When the family of Lucy and Cormac learned about breast cancer, it became clear that their last chance to become parents was to use surrogate motherhood. Parenthood was their cherished dream. Having successfully gone through surrogacy and having twin girls, this family could not be happier than hearing the words mom or dad from their daughters.
Sara Byrne underwent a lung transplant. For her and her husband Padraig, a trip to surrogate motherhood in Ukraine became a lifeline. And despite the obstacles and expectations, after the birth of their daughter Alice, they would do it again.
Ranae von Meding and her wife Audrey used Audrey’s egg and Ranae carried and gave birth to children. And it was happiness even considering the legal battles they had to go through.
Gearóid Kenny Moore and his husband Seamus became loving parents to twins and a younger daughter through surrogacy. In the place where one of the parents grew up, everyone was very happy with them.
The most important thing is that all these children born through surrogacy and IVF have loving families who love and care for them.

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