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The former Miss World gave birth to her third child with the help of surrogacy and is waiting for a change in the law

Rosanna Davison herself gave birth to two sons. After that, she had 15 miscarriages, and she and her husband decided to use surrogacy. Thanks to international surrogacy, they had a daughter, Sophia. She has a genetic link with her parents, but due to the fact that international surrogacy is not regulated by law in Ireland, there are legal issues. Rasanna’s husband is considered the legal father, and she is only the guardian. Because of this, a number of legal problems are possible in the future for Rosanna, as her rights to the child are significantly limited. And because of this, it is possible that Sophia will perceive herself as inferior in comparison with her brothers. Therefore, Rosanna really hopes that the bill regulating surrogate motherhood will be adopted as soon as possible and that she and her daughter will not feel inferior.

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