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The importance of the centriole in male infertility

Scientists at the University of Toledo have discovered a new movement in sperm that shows that the atypical centriole in the sperm neck acts as a transmission system that controls twitching in the sperm head, mechanically synchronizing the movement of the sperm tail with the movement of the new head. Scientists believe that the atypical centriole in the sperm neck is an evolutionary innovation whose function is to improve sperm movement. Reproductive success depends on the ability of sperm to swim through the barriers of the female reproductive tract. The research calls for a revision of our understanding of sperm centrioles both in sperm movement and in the early embryo. The study shows that in sperm, there is a cascade of internal gliding formations in the atypical distal neck centriole, the typical proximal centriole, and the surrounding material that links tail beating to asymmetric head bending. Thus, a new functionality of the centriole was found, which was previously considered a rigid structure that acts as a shock absorber.

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