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The influence of war in Ukraine on international surrogate motherhood

Gestational surrogate motherhood is completely legal in Ukraine. They can be used by foreign heterosexual couples who are in official marriage. Commercial surrogate motherhood is also legal in some US states, but given the geographical proximity, the European mentality and three times the lower price, more and more people have been choosing Ukraine. Therefore, according to statistics in Ukraine, it is born through surrogate motherhood of more than 2000 babies every year. Surrogate motherhood in Ukraine also makes the fact that at the birth of a child, official parents are recognized as intended parents, which greatly simplifies legal procedures for the design of documents for the trip home. For example, in the UK, a surrogate mother is considered the legal mother of the child, and if she is married, then her husband is a father, it causes many legal difficulties and stress that intended parents will be deprived in Ukraine. Since the beginning of the pandemic, people around the world have faced the problem of crossing borders to other countries, and Ukraine was no exception, in some cases there were difficulty with timely getting into the country by intended parents to take their children home. But Ukrainian agencies of surrogate motherhood have shown high professionalism and coped with all obstacles. Unfortunately a year ago, a military invasion of russia into Ukraine occurred. No one expected this and other difficulties for surrogate mothers and intended parents. In particular, many pregnant surrogate mothers had to move from places where fighting was held to the west of a country where the war was not noticeable. Many changing the location to the safe managed to complete the process in Ukraine. But there were many cases in which pregnant surrogates went to other countries, including those where surrogate motherhood is forbidden. For example, Moldova is a neighbor of Ukraine and there is prohibited surrogate motherhood, so if the baby is born there, then her mother will be considered a surrogate mother, and the legal design of guardianship may take years. A similar situation can be in other countries of the world. Looking at international surrogate motherhood through the prism of war, the question arises: maybe it is worth adopting the experience of surrogate motherhood in Ukraine to all other countries. Thus, even during war, surrogate mothers, intended parents and their children will be protected.

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