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Two cycles of ovarian stimulation in one menstrual cycle shorten the time to pregnancy

A study evaluating two cycles of ovarian stimulation and two egg collections in one menstrual cycle may provide real progress for the presumed poor response to IVF. The dual stimulation approach is as effective as two conventional stimulations in different cycles, but significantly shortens the time to conception. Usually only one cohort of follicles is recruited in the early “follicular” phase of the cycle, but stimulation in the second “luteal” phase of the cycle is also possible. So it is possible to recruit a cohort of follicles on any day of the cycle. The advantage of the dual stimulation strategy is that it focuses on the time to pregnancy and the generation of multiple eggs. Since there is little that can be done about the quality of the eggs, as it deteriorates with the age of the patient, research is focused on increasing the number of available eggs and the time of their retrieval.

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