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Benefits of Egg Donation

Make a family’s dream come true while helping yourself in the same time. Make the greatest gift to intended parents and make your own dreams a reality.

Get an amazing feeling of self-realization.

All egg donors go through the life-changing experience of giving a light of hope to infertile couples. It will be almost impossible for you to put into words that enormous feeling of satisfaction and pleasure you as an egg donor feel after finishing such a thoughtful and selfless act of empathy.


Make $1,000-$2,000 per one egg donation cycle.

Egg donor compensation is also an appealing benefit for Ukrainian Surrogates’ egg donors. Egg donation pay typically varies between $1,000 and $2,000 per egg donation in addition to paid travels, medications and complete medical checkup.




While you are thinking about the egg donation process, you have questions, which you can see answered by our experienced managers on staff, who successfully have helped many women throughout their egg donation journeys.

What fee should I charge?

Usually, not experienced egg donors get a fee of $1,000, whereas experienced and popular egg donors get a higher fee. The egg donor fee can also be higher for needed egg donors with certain characteristics of, for example, Asian descent, Jewish descent or other donor types that are harder to find.

Talk to our egg donors’ manager to discuss what is best for you.

Who is paying the egg donation related bills?

The family that you donate your eggs to is responsible for medical, travel, and other expenses related to the egg donation process. The money is paid to you by our Ukrainian Surrogates Agency.

Should I pay taxes on my egg donation compensation?

All citizens of Ukraine must submit annual tax reports for all taxable salaries and compensation incomes. However, act of submission of the report is responsibility of a person only. We are not providing this information to the tax authorities of Ukraine without request.

Do I need to have a medical insurance?

It is advisable to have a medical insurance, but if you do not have one you can be an egg donor in our program.

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