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Egg Donation Process

Egg donor process and schedule

The egg donor process seem complex, but with the support of the Ukrainian Surrogates and Egg Donors Agency you will be professionally guided every step of the way. Below you can find a description of the egg donation process and approximate schedule to help you learn what you should expect from the start until your egg retrieval.

How does egg donation work?

It is hard to predict how long the egg donation process takes because match times vary. However, we can give you approximate schedule for the egg donation process excepting match time.

Step 1. Application

– Fill out application including biological family medical and mental health history, information on personality traits, hobbies, talents, skills and goals;
– Talk to egg donors manager to make sure all fields are filled in;
– Email current photos and available required medical documents.
Decision is made within 1-2 days, additional documents should be submitted during 3-5 days.

Step 2. Preliminary Screening

– Phone call with egg donor’ manager;
– Get approval of the Agency;
– Get your information to our online egg donors’ database;
– Prepare to be matched.

Term 1-2 weeks.

For preliminary screening, you will talk to the egg donor’ manager for 15-20 minutes by phone. During this call, your manager will review your application with you, give you more information about what to expect from this process, and answer your questions. Your manager will make sure you are available for egg donation and are supported by close friends and family. If you feel comfortable and the manager approves everything, your profile will be available for matching.

Step 3. Matching.

When your profile appears on our online egg donor database, intended parents can select you, match with you. In this case, you will receive a phone call from our egg donors’ manager with an offer to become an egg donor and visit IVF clinic for complete medical tests and filing documents with our lawyer. This is your official match. Your egg donors’ manager will help you to undergo successfully your program.

It is hard to say when intended parents select you, if at all, because it is very personal decision. We recommend you often update your information and pictures while waiting.

Egg donors’ screenings and documents:

– Egg donor application;
– Screening call with our egg donors manager;
– Online psychological tests;
– Full medical screening at IVF clinic;
– Submitting your personal documents;
– Signing egg donor contracts and applications for the clinic with our lawyer.

Whole egg donation process takes approximately 2 months.

During stimulation of ovulation, you will take your medications (injections) and start attending your ovarian monitoring doctor appointments. These appointments will be at our IVF clinic in Kyiv. Monitoring consist of blood tests and ultrasounds to control your body’s proper response to the fertility stimulation medications. Eggs retrieval with light seduction will take place in our IVF clinic on a day assigned by our fertility doctor.

Egg donors’ medications and eggs retrieval:

– Receive stimulation of ovulation protocol according to your cycle from IVF clinic fertility doctor;
– Get your medications from our egg donors’ manager and start administering them;
– Attend ovarian monitoring appointments in the IVF clinic;
– Travel to the IVF clinic for eggs retrieval;
– Receive your egg donor compensation.

Usually stimulation of ovulation protocol takes 2-3 weeks.

When our medical and legal teams approve you, the IVF clinic fertility doctor will issue you a schedule for taking your medications and your egg retrieval date – an egg donor protocol of stimulation of ovulation – and provide you instructions on how you should take your egg donor medications. A full stimulation of ovulation cycle until eggs extraction typically takes around twenty days of injections of hormone-based medications, which are safe for you.
During stimulation of ovulation with medications, you will have to attend morning medical ovarian monitoring appointments for blood work and ultrasounds to monitor the effects of the medications. In about 20 days, your body will be prepared for the eggs retrieval. Our egg donors’ manager will arrange your trip to the IVF clinic for eggs extraction. This trip will last 1-2 days. You will return home the same day or the day after your eggs retrieval. You will receive your compensation for egg donation immediately after eggs extraction.

In order to preserve the reproductive health of egg donors, it is recommended to perform no more than 8 controlled ovarian stimulation cycles in total, the second controlled ovarian stimulation cycle is to be performed no earlier than 2 months after the previous one.

Donated eggs are used for in vitro fertilization in fresh cycles, or can be vitrified (frozen) for future use.

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