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Egg Donor Candidates Requirements

What are egg donor requirements?

Ukrainian Surrogates are always looking for healthy, beautiful, young women with own children who would like to donate their eggs to help other families grow. Please, review the list of egg donor requirements to see if you qualify, before you fill out our application form to become an egg donor.

Requirements for egg donors

Who can be egg donors?

– Females;
– Close relatives;
– Anonymous voluntary donors;
– Patients of assisted reproductive technology programs who, with the written voluntary consent, provide the recipient with a portion of their eggs.

Requirements for egg donors:

– A woman aged 18 to 36 years;
– The presence of a healthy child born.

Indications for IVF using donor eggs:

– Absence of own eggs acquired or congenital, due to natural menopause;
– Risk of transmission of hereditary diseases;
– Unsuccessful repeated attempts of IVF at low quality of embryos and unsatisfactory response of ovaries to the controlled stimulation and repeated reception of eggs and embryos of low quality.

Young ladies interested in becoming egg donors should:

– Be between 21-30 years of age (up to 34 for experienced donors);
– Have own healthy child;
– Have no negative phenotypic manifestations;
– Have satisfactory physical health;
– Have no contraindications for participation in the egg donation program;
– Have no hereditary diseases;
– Have no bad habits: drug addiction, alcoholism;
– Have a Body Mass Index (BMI) lower than 28;
– Be a Ukrainian citizen;
– Have no more than one case of similar cancer in her family (except for leukemia and lung cancer);
– Have family history without major heart disease or heart attacks under age 55;
– Have no psychiatric diseases;
– Have high school and college education, or enrolled in college, college classes, certification programs, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, PhD, etc.;
– Be of any ethnic and race;
– Know how to give yourself injections.

How do I apply to become an egg donor?

You can fill out our online application on this website and our egg donors’ manager will contact you in order to guide you with further steps.

Ukrainian Surrogates are one of the oldest and the most successful agencies in Ukraine. Applying to be an egg donor with Ukrainian Surrogates means that you will be supported by our experienced egg donor managers who will lead you in every step of your egg donation.

There are 3 steps to apply for egg donation:

1. Fill out our online application.
2. Talk to our egg donors’ manager.
3. Email us your pictures and available medical information.

If your application meets our requirements, you will appear in our secure online egg donors’ database https://www.eggdonorukraine.com.

This is what is expected of egg donors during the process:

1. You must meet all requirements.

The list of egg donor requirements is long; this is needed to make sure all egg donors are in the best physical and emotional form for egg donation.

2. You will have to travel.

Egg donors usually will travel to our Kyiv IVF clinic for a medical screening, ovarian monitoring (ultrasound) and their egg retrieval. The intended parents via our Agency cover all of your travel expenses.

3. You will have to make yourself injections.

Part of the medical process for stimulation of ovulation of egg donors is making injections daily for about three weeks. You will also have ultrasounds during the process – ovarian monitoring – to check and see how your ovaries respond to the medications.

Why would you donate your own eggs?

Donating your eggs helps couples who cannot have own children to do so. You will help childless couples to continue their family.

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