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FAQs by Egg Donors


The Ukrainian Surrogates and Egg Donors Agency make the egg donation process as easy and pleasant as possible. Below you can read popular questions women interested in becoming egg donors are asking.

Egg donation is a type of gamete (gender cell) donation. There are two types of gamete donation: sperm donation and egg (oocyte) donation. Gamete and embryo donation is a procedure by which donors, with written voluntary consent, donate their gametes or embryos for use by other people in the treatment of infertility.

The use of embryo donation is carried out on medical grounds, subject to the written informed voluntary consent of patients, ensuring the anonymity of the donor and maintaining medical confidentiality.

Egg, sperm and embryo donation builds families. It helps infertile couples to become parents on their own.

Egg donation process’ length is very unpredictable. You can be chosen right away, though it is not guaranteed you will be chosen at all. In some cases, your cycle will be synchronized with a cycle of another woman for fresh embryo transfer. This means a little more waiting time for you. In the same time, some egg donors can be booked for a few cycles in advance. In spite of the fact that egg donation lasts about a month, the whole process usually takes a few months. Please, remember, this is an approximate timeframe. There are no two identical egg donations. Very often, your egg donation circumstances define your exact schedule.

In order to preserve the reproductive health of egg donors, it is recommended to perform no more than eight controlled ovarian stimulation cycles in total for a woman; the second controlled ovarian stimulation cycle is to be performed no earlier than 2 months after the previous one.

However, IVF clinics only allow a woman to be an egg donor for five-six times, and only if your previous donation was successful.

Everybody has a very personal emotional reaction to the egg donation process. You should think well before you start with screening and matching, ask questions, study information, and make sure you feel comfortable with the process. You are always welcome to talk with our egg donors’ managers, gynecologist-reproductologist doctors, experienced egg donors, about any specific question you have.

While you are taking medications for the stimulation of ovulation for the egg donation, you might feel moody from these medications as during your regular menstruation cycle. After the egg donation is finished, your cycle will renew, and your mood will be filled with great happiness and fulfillment.

You must submit at least five good pictures of you without hat, glasses, overcoat, gloves, photoshop. One photo must be a month old good picture of your face, preferably a few from different sides, and another one must be a current photo of your full body in summer clothes. You may want to provide your childhood photos or photos of your children, too. Remember, these photos will be the first sight intended parents would have on you while selecting an egg donor.

The intended parents want to see the best pictures of the physical phenotype to find an egg donor who is the most appealing to them. We understand that you will easily take selfies, but selfies distort and cut your picture (and face and body) due to short focal distance. We strongly recommend you ask a friend or a relative to take photos of yourself on your phone, the more the better; you will select the best and email us. This way you will ensure you get the best quality pictures that describe you the best.

Please, email us any time if you have more questions about egg donation.

All egg donors’ candidates must follow these requirements:

– Be between 21-30 years of age (up to 34 for experienced donors);
– Have own healthy child;
– Have no negative phenotypic manifestations;
– Have satisfactory physical health;
– Have no contraindications for participation in the egg donation program;
– Have no hereditary diseases;
– Have no bad habits: drug addiction, alcoholism;
– Have a Body Mass Index (BMI) lower than 28;
– Be a Ukrainian citizen;
– Have no more than one case of similar cancer in her family (except for leukemia and lung cancer);
– Have family history without major heart disease or heart attacks under age 55;
– Have no psychiatric diseases;
– Have high school and college education, or enrolled in college, college classes, certification programs, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, PhD, etc.;
– Be of any ethnic and race;
– Know how to give yourself injections.

Please, fill out our egg donor application here.

The process of egg donation preparation and match takes some time, that is why we must calculate your age on the date of the program to somehow predict that you are in fertile age when intended parents choose you. Intended parents select egg donors only by themselves, we do not have any influence on the process of selection. Usually intended parents look for similarities in their phenotypes with future egg donor.

Because of these facts, your egg donation process will start sometime in the future, not predictably when exactly, talking about period of time. By these reasons, egg donors’ candidates selected for our programs age have to be 21-30 years old. We can accept experienced egg donors up to the age of 34 years old.

Yes, you can. However, you will have to provide IVF clinic your biological family health history. Unfortunately, we cannot accept you if you cannot provide us with all of the necessary medical information.

Yes, you can, if you are using acceptable forms of birth control such as pills, ring, patch, copper spirals. Hormonal spirals will have to be removed if matched before starting a cycle.

Implanon or Depo-Provera users will need to stop using them, and try one of the forms listed above. In this case, such egg donor candidates will have to wait for at least three menstrual cycles before becoming an egg donor.
Please, consult your local gynecologist before changing your contraceptive.

At the moment we only accept residents of Ukraine to become egg donors with our agency.

Yes, we strongly advise you to have a close person, who can support you both physically and emotionally. However, Ukrainian legislation does not require the consent of your husband for egg donation.

No. Ukrainian legislation allows only anonymous egg donation. Egg donor will not know the recipient; recipients will not know identifiable information about egg donor. Intended parents (recipients) will only see pictures and phenotypical information about egg donors. If intended parents have additional questions, we will relay them to you, and back, without allowing direct communication.

This is mostly for IVF clinic medical screening of you. We use part of information to show the intended parents to help them make their selection.

Our experienced egg donors’ managers will talk to you and ask you questions to find out why you have decided to donate your eggs, and to make sure you truly understand what it is. You will also take a phone or Skype interview with our doctor psychologist. The purpose of the interview is to identify any possible emotional problems, personality disorders or sickness.

Egg donors usually will travel to our Kyiv IVF clinic for a medical screening, ovarian monitoring (ultrasound) and their egg retrieval. The intended parents via our Agency cover all of your travel expenses.

When intended parent select your profile on our closed website, we will contact you and offer you to pass medical and psychological screening. If everything is good, you can start your egg donation process with your next cycle by starting taking necessary medications prescribed by our doctor gynecologist.

No, we do not post all your information in our online egg donor database. We keep all your information offline and private, protected by privacy laws of Ukraine. Our online egg donor database contains no identifiable information about you like phone, address, email, last name or social networks. It only has your best pictures, phenotypical characteristics like face type, age, height, color of eyes and hair, weight, education, hobby and your personal code for our internal records keeping.

Usually, not experienced egg donors get a fee of $1,000, whereas experienced and popular egg donors get a higher fee. The egg donor fee can also be higher for needed egg donors with certain characteristics of, for example, Asian descent, Jewish descent or other donor types that are harder to find.

Talk to our egg donors’ manager to discuss what is best for you.

The family that you donate your eggs to is responsible for medical, travel, and other expenses related to the egg donation process. The money is paid to you by our Ukrainian Surrogates Agency.

All citizens of Ukraine must submit annual tax reports for all taxable salaries and compensation incomes. However, act of submission of the report is responsibility of a person only. We are not providing this information to the tax authorities of Ukraine without request.

It is advisable to have a medical insurance, but if you do not have one you can be an egg donor in our

A woman is given medications to suppress her menstrual cycle and to stimulate the growth of her eggs for about three weeks until eggs retrieval date. Medications are usually self-administered injections. The eggs retrieval usually is performed vaginally under a mild intravenous anesthesia. The procedure takes about twenty minutes and about an hour bed recovery time. You may experience moderate cramps, bleeding or stomach swelling.

You will take medication that are used to coordinate cycles, suppress ovulation, stimulate follicles’ growth, trigger release of eggs. This can be, for example, Merional, Gonal, Pregnil, Elonva, Orgalutran. They are used in different combinations depending on the protocol, IVF clinic, doctors. Some of these medications may have different names.

Majority of egg donors have no complications, or very small ones, for example, a little discomfort after the eggs extraction connected with taking anesthesia, or headache, moodiness, cramping – symptoms often happened in your natural cycles.

There is no connection between your egg donation cycle and your future fertility health because egg donation does not use up your ovarian reserve. Young women can have hundreds of thousands of fertile eggs.

For any queries or assistance please call: