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Why Ukrainian Surrogates? (Egg Donors)

You will help changing lives of intended parents with the Ukrainian Surrogates and Egg Donors Agency, because we take egg donors personally, helping you with utmost care by providing the support and guidance you deserve.
All legal, accounting and medical questions are answered in accurate manner by our experienced staff. We are happy to make sure you enjoy the process, and that everything is easy and calm.



Fill out our online egg donor application now, and our egg donors’ manager will contact you within 24 hours on weekdays if you preliminary qualify.


You will have to have two or three interviews with our managers and psychologist by phone, Viber, Whatsapp or Skype in order for us to recognize your goals, understanding, possible illness, emotional problems or personality disorders, which may prevent you from becoming an egg donor.


Our lawyer will help you to understand and sign all the paperwork before, during and after the process. You will meet our lawyer same days when you visit IVF clinic in Kyiv for your convenience.


You will pass many medical tests in IVF clinic in Kyiv. When approved, your doctor reproductologist will issue you a protocol of stimulation of ovulation for egg donation with the date of eggs retrieval. You will take medications to suppress temporarily menstrual cycle, and to stimulate eggs growth.

Egg retrieval

The eggs retrieval usually is performed vaginally under a mild intravenous anesthesia. The procedure takes about twenty minutes and about an hour bed recovery time.


Not experienced egg donors’ compensation is $1,000. It could be more for experienced or rare egg donor types, for example of Asian or Jewish origin.


The Ukrainian Surrogates and Egg Donors Agency is one of the first in Ukraine from 2000. We continuously improve our approach to provide better services to our egg donors, gestational surrogates, intended parents, as well as we select always very carefully our partners and IVF clinics.


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