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Infertility is nowadays an acute problem in the most countries of the world. According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, every fifth couple cannot conceive or cannot carry a child. Ukraine is not an exception and counts over 1 million infertile couples, thus unfortunately causing an unfavourable population forecast.

By this reason Ukrainian government?s priority now is health of mothers and children. On 26 December 2006 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the State Program ?Reproductive Health of the Nation?, which allocates $150 million for a comprehensive set of activities aimed at improving reproductive health in Ukraine, recognizing that it is an integral part of the general health of the nation and is strategically important for sustainable development of the society. Activities implemented during the last years within the framework of the National Reproductive Health Program 2001-2005 caused positive changes in the sphere of reproductive health, specifically substantial improvements have been set up in the family planning, while the abortion, maternal and infant mortality rates have decreased.

However, the situation still demands that the further activities were implemented towards the improvement of Ukrainian population?s reproductive health.

In particular the State Program ?Reproductive Health of the Nation? provides resources to improve family planning and reproductive health in the following priority sections:

In medical area:
– to develop a strategy for general medical practitioners and family physicians to guarantee rendering of high quality reproductive services;
– to improve access to reproductive health services for the population of rural areas;
– to continue the use of the approved reproductive care practices, including in vitro fertilization, as well as to adopt modern evidence-based policies on family planning and reproductive health;
– to improve and optimize the family planning system in Ukraine;
– to raise level of professional training for fertility specialists.

In educational and scientific area:
– to carry out educational activities on health issues that promote healthy lifestyle, family planning, reproductive health strengthening, protection of motherhood and prevention of cancer;
– to develop and implement multisectoral strategies aimed to encourage responsible parenthood and safe motherhood;
– to carry out research in order to establish factors and mechanisms that preserve and improve reproductive health.

In social-economic area:
– to improve and expand the framework of the family reproductive health system;
– to promote family values, ensure social support for young families;

At the beginning of the project, twenty-seven administrative units of Ukraine were invited to participate in the Together for Health project. Those with the strongest proposals, as evaluated by a high-level review committee, were gradually brought into the project. Under leadership of authorized representatives of Health Administrations from each region, local partners work closely with the project to implement the project’s core strategies in their regions.

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