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Over twenty years our team is helping international intended parents to arrange surrogacy in Ukraine with following adoption when required. On every stage, our professionals are accompanying intended parents, surrogates, egg donors in your surrogacy journey with dependable services.

Ukrainian Surrogates is a surrogacy agency of Immiline LLC law firm located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Ukrainian Surrogates was founded by Immiline LLC founder, doctor of law in assisted reproductive technologies Dmytro Pugach over twenty years ago.

Our company’s people all have experience with own children, be it surrogate or their own. We are providing you our expertise and guidance, education and knowledge, well-organized programs to help you achieve your goal. With our unlimited matching policy, Ukrainian Surrogates family provides pleasant and smooth surrogacy experience.

We assure intended parents that we will do everything possible to make your family complete. You can absolutely expect us to work for you restlessly until you successfully achieve desired results of your journey in an effortless way.

Our surrogates’ managers will constantly guide and support our surrogates, and we as an agency guarantee that we will match you with honest intended parents who will provide you fair and complete compensation.

Our egg donors receive competitive compensations, support and guidance from egg donors’ manager, as well as unbelievable sense of satisfaction for helping intended parents to get the greatest gift of life.

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