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I took a surrogacy program at Ukrainian Surrogates. After filling out the questionnaire on the website, I was contacted by a curator and she guided me throughout the program. Satisfied with the cooperation.

Lily, Brovary -

From beginning to end, our journey was very well handled. Ukrainian Surrogates knew how to treat both their IPs and carriers with respect and they were wonderful at facilitating the process. The patient care team was with us every step of the way, and exceeded our expectations consistently. We are thinking of giving our daughter a brother soon!

Patricia and Marcelo - Intended Parents from Uruguay

Putting our hope and trust in another person to carry our baby for us was not an easy thing to do. Having someone there to walk us through the process and ease our minds throughout the journey was imperative. I knew after our first meeting with Ukrainian Surrogates staff, that we found the people who were going to help us have a child. The team was knowledgeable, professional, empathetic and caring.

Pedro and Graciela - Intended Parent from Argentina

We started working with Ukrainian Surrogates Agency after having a very poor experience with another agency. Our case manager, and the rest of the staff, were with us during every stage of the process, so we never felt alone and we never had unanswered questions. With their help, we were able to complete our family.

Rachel and Jonathan - Intended Parents from USA

We are an Italian couple who had frozen embryos in Thailand just at the time that surrogacy was closed in that country. Ukrainian Surrogates helped us with the transfer of our embryos and we were able to carry out successfully our process in Ukraine. Our experience with the surrogate who helped us was very pleasant as well as with the staff who handled the process and we still maintain contact with all of them.

Edoardo and Francesca - Intended Parents from Italy

Our journey to start a family was very long. After seven years with fertility processes and many unsuccessful embryo transfers in Spain, we decided to start the path of surrogacy and we were lucky to find a team that helped us and gave us all the support we needed. With Ukrainian Surrogates everything was very quick and easy. Our carrier became pregnant with twins in the first transfer, today we have to thank them for being parents of two beautiful girls who are our most precious treasure.

Ruth and Joaquin - Intended Parents from Spain

After we started our surrogacy process with Ukrainian Surrogates, right in the middle of it, the COVID pandemic began. We were very distressed fearing that in these cases of force majeure the process would have had to be interrupted, but it was not. The agency went ahead by rigorously maintaining security protocols and despite the complicated circumstances it was a wonderful experience thanks to all the people who are part of that team. We are very grateful and can’t wait to start again.

Ginette and Pierre - Intended Parents from France

That was a journey of lifetime by results, though process was almost invisible for us, we only had to come to Kyiv once before the start, and once for delivery, and it was very smooth. Baby’s healthy, and we’re happily back home. Thanks to wonderful doctors and managers of Ukrainian Surrogates and their team!

Joanna and Chris - Intended Parents from United Kingdom

Good attitude towards patients, always receptive to all changes and circumstance. We had to change our schedule a few times due to COVID restrictions and implications. The Ukrainian Surrogates’ support was always completely positive, they accepted all the changes, and assisted us in everything, in fact did our job for us. We feel a family now. Thank you.

Inga and Stephan - Intended Parents from Germany

Before the birth of my first child, I condemned this kind of “help”, “earnings” – call it what you will. But when I first saw my newborn daughter, I cried with overflowing emotions! From that moment on, the thought came to my mind that not everyone can experience such happiness. And I decided to become a surrogate mother. I found an agency that deals with surrogacy on the Internet. I was attracted by the fact that they provided a full package of services, worked with private clinics and organized birth in a private maternity hospital, for me it was very important. I was introduced to the curator, and I was informed about everything in advance. The program went smoothly, the clinic did all the necessary screenings, ultrasound, explained everything in detail. I was even given a tour of the maternity hospital. The attitude was warm and emotional.

Nadiya - Dnipro

This is not the first time I have participated in a surrogacy program. But with the Ukrainian Surrogates Agency – for the first time. And the choice was right. Professional team.
On the 9th day of the cycle, I came for a medical examination, immediately signed a contract, paid for my travel, and passed all the tests on time and quickly.
Preparation began in the first cycle after the results of the tests, I did not have to wait. Very organized. Communication was with both the curator and the doctor throughout the program. There were clear instructions and no problems for the whole program. After the baby was born, I didn’t have to worry. All documents were prepared in advance, I only needed to arrive on the specified day.
Very satisfied! Thank you for your cooperation!

Julia - Vinnytsia

In the program for the second time. The agency is good, everyone is easy-going, communicates well, in other agencies it was necessary to learn everything by yourself, didn’t put in a course of business. Crew constantly monitored the state of health, mood. Strong support was felt.

Anya - Kyiv region

I learned about the agency from a friend. The pregnancy occurred on the second attempt. It was happiness. The parents to whom I brought up the child wrote me a letter of gratitude, I was very touched. And the program passed on the positive. The agency worked professionally, doctors were attentive, had warm relations with parents.
I am grateful to the agency and the whole team.

Anastasia - Cherkasy

Satisfied with the cooperation. I did not wait long for my parents. Cash payments were accrued on time, even tickets were bought for me, I did not have to spend time at all. At 35 weeks of pregnancy, I was given an apartment near the maternity hospital, and I was able to spend the last weeks of my pregnancy with my family as well.

Lubov - Zhytomyr

I came to the program of the Ukrainian Surrogates agency “Immiline” in 2019. For my husband and I it was a considered decision.
Of course, at first they were worried that the company’s activities would be legal and that the whole process would be open and fair.
So I even checked in open government sources that such a company really exists for a long time 😃.
I clearly understood that I was ready for the mission to give the opportunity to be born to another child.
All the details were spelled out in the contract, the curator was constantly in touch. And everything was with care and respect! I think that my first surrogacy program went perfectly well. 👌

Kateryna - Kharkiv

I took a surrogacy program at Ukrainian Surrogates. After filling out the questionnaire on the website, I was contacted by a curator and she guided me throughout the program. Satisfied with the cooperation.

Lily - Brovary

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