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FAQs by Surrogates

While you are thinking about the surrogacy process, you have questions, which you can see answered by our experienced managers on staff, who successfully have helped many women throughout their surrogacy journeys.
Popular questions from women interested in becoming surrogates.

Ukrainian Surrogates promise to lead you until successful end of your surrogacy journey and be here for you on every stage of your process as intended parents, surrogates or egg donors. We shall teach, support and direct you continuously all the way down to your goal.

Many surrogates who worked with us became very experienced – some have successfully made three surrogacy journeys! They can share their experience and answer any questions. We offer fast matching process and support to our surrogates all the way and beyond. We will help you throughout your journey making it a pleasant trip, and welcome you when you reach your goal.

Ukrainian Surrogates offer excellent packages for all surrogates carriers with total compensations package over $20,000. You can enjoy highest payments, complete medical and organizational support, respectful service, complete privacy. Your compensation size depend on your health, place of residence, experience as a surrogate before, and the terms outlined in your agreement.

Gestational surrogacy is when a surrogate carrier has no genetic link to the child she carries.
Traditional surrogacy is when a surrogate carrier has a genetic link to the child she carries.
Ukrainian Surrogates provides only gestational surrogacy services.

What do I have do to be a surrogate?

First, please, review our list of surrogate requirements to see if you qualify. Then, please, fill out our online surrogate application and our experienced surrogate manager will contact you by phone within 24 hours!

Working with an agency is better for you because our services are to provide you with complete support and guidance during your whole surrogacy journey. We manage all aspects of the surrogacy process by our team: screening, matching, legal, medical, support. We solve any and all problems which may appear.

If you have more questions about surrogacy or egg donation, please, call us! You may be required to fill out surrogate application first.

– Age between 21 and 36 years old;
– Children of your own;
– All pregnancies and deliveries without complications;
– Good endometrium size, 8 mm and more;
– Body Mass Index (BMI) 30 or less;
– Citizen or legal resident of Ukraine (we are very sorry but we cannot accept surrogate candidates who reside in occupied regions of Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk, or from outside of Ukraine where surrogacy is prohibited);
– Police clearance without any criminal records;
– Support of family and friends to help emotionally and physically during pregnancy;
– Travel to IVF clinic for the frozen embryo transfer (FET) process;
– Not use drugs, smoke cigarettes, or abuse alcohol or anti-depressants;
– Leading a stable, responsible lifestyle.

No. We will pay cost of medical insurance for you for the time of the process of surrogacy.

Recommended BMI levels for successful pregnancy are set forth by fertility clinics not only for health reasons, but also to make sure that your body responds adequately to the administered medications.

It is very rarely that our intended parents would not terminate a pregnancy due to a severe medical diagnosis of the fetus. They definitely prefer to make decisions about their own family. However, you may inquire with our staff on this subject.

If you are breastfeeding, we can organize your personal schedule that works best for you.

Based on Ministry of healthcare of Ukraine recommendations supported by UARM and fertility clinics, we can accept surrogate candidates 6 months after a natural delivery or 18 months after C-section.

The Ukrainian Surrogates, taking into account Ministry of healthcare of Ukraine, UARM and fertility clinics’ advices, set the age limits based on fluctuating hormones and the increased health risks to you and the baby, no higher than 36 years of age on the date of application. Occasionally, we can make exceptions, but only for experienced surrogates. If this is about you, please contact us.

Your husband is required to sign a notarized permission for you to be a surrogate, as well as some other documents during the process. That is why if your husband is not on board, we are very sorry, but you cannot participate in the surrogacy program. In the same time, you may consider egg donation where husband’s permission is not required.

You cannot start surrogacy program with STD. You must recover from any STD you have before start of the program. Some STDs are not curable and, if you have them, like HIV or Hepatitis (or others that can pass to your fetus) it disqualifies you. During medical tests, you will pass TORCH infection panel. If you have curable sexually transmitted infections (STI), but otherwise healthy and good for surrogacy, we will help you with STI medical treatment.

No, you cannot be a surrogate towards a child you got pregnant with before the surrogacy program has started, because intended parents must contribute their own genetic material to their children born through surrogacy, and because genetic link between surrogate and the child she carries for intended parents is not allowed. However, you may want to consider adoption as an alternative. Please, feel free to contact us for consultation about adoption process.

We’ll contact you within 24 hours after we received your online application on business days. If you meet our requirements, you can start screening processes. We will schedule your interview with Ukrainian Surrogates manager, psychologist, meeting with lawyer, appointment with gynecologist-reproductologist in one of our IVF clinics for ultrasound, medical tests and checkup.

A surrogates’ manager of our experienced team will talk to you about yourself, your family, husband, children, surrogacy, how you came to it, and what you should expect. You will be able to ask us about our surrogacy program, in vitro fertilization, the process of matching, how we support you, medical and other expenses, compensation and so on.

We recommend some limits. Your surrogates’ manager can discuss a suggested fee with you if you are not sure. She will also tell you about the additional fees you may receive, such as twin pregnancy, C-section, travel expenses, maternity clothing, medical procedures, embryo transfer fee, monthly wages loss compensation, and other fees. Please, see our Surrogate compensations here.

Our intended parents come from around the world, but mostly European Union and USA. They all are straight married couples with infertility history, usually in their late 30s and older.

Being honest in your application, open and flexible with your schedule helps us to match you faster. We always have intended parents for you; there is no waiting list. Once you have successfully passed all screenings, we will matched you with intended parents.

Usually, you will meet your intended parents personally before signing, or on Skype call for an initial meeting. You will meet them more often personally closer to the delivery date.

You can have any level of communication with intended parents, which makes you comfortable. We will help you keep in touch until delivery. Some intended parents would visit you more often around the time of ultrasounds and the birth. Surrogate mothers and families can remain in contact through emails, phone calls, pictures and letters or maybe an occasional visit. You can do what makes you most comfortable.

All families do their best to be present for the delivery and arrive earlier to support you. Sometimes, our intended parents arrive the same day or 1-2 days before delivery. Most of our couples have been able to make it in time.

Ukrainian Surrogates Agency will pay most of the bills related to your screening, pregnancy and delivery. Some expense are covered by medical insurance, some by additional payments by intended parents. If there are any additional unexpected costs, your intended parents will cover those costs. The family you work with will pay for all medical procedures and expenses related to your surrogate pregnancy.

Surrogate remuneration consists of embryo transfer fee, 9 equal monthly installments following the confirmation of pregnancy around 2 weeks after embryo transfer. If you are carrying twins children, a twins fee is paid to you. After delivery, you are given a final sum of the outstanding balance in two parts, first after delivery, second after consulate and DNA test. All other fees are covered at various times during the pregnancy.

No, all your expenses related to the surrogacy process will be paid for by the family you are matched with via Ukrainian Surrogates Agency, such as your screening and everything agreed upon in the contract, including all healthcare throughout your surrogate pregnancy and birth.

Surrogacy is set the way to provide you, the surrogate, both financial and emotional rewards. The Ukrainian Surrogates Agency guarantees that this is exactly what happens.

Yes. Please, plan to travel for the embryo transfer, which is usually a 3-4-day trip. You will need to travel to the IVF clinic for an initial screening and the pregnancy monitoring. This is normally a 1-2-day trip. You will relocate closer to our maternity hospital on week 32 for last 2 months of pregnancy.

Yes. You can bring your children and your husband or other relatives to stay with you, and help you with your children while you are in the maternity hospital. The intended parents can help with daycare cost if you are single mom and have no one to help with your children for a few days during the birth.

Yes. Your surrogate manager will discuss with you how many embryos you feel comfortable with. Usually 1 or 2 embryos are transferred, and almost never 3.

There are different approaches. The Ukrainian Surrogates offer 3 days bed rest after embryo transfer in the same city where IVF clinic is located for better results. Carriers should avoid lifting heavy weights and doing sport exercises.

Surrogacy is a medical process; all surrogates are strongly advised to stop any sexual intercourse after last cycle before endometrium preparation starts, to avoid getting pregnant with your own child, until first small terms ultrasound. Our IVF clinic can give you details that are more specific.

Surrogate pregnancy is no different from a regular pregnancy in physical terms and feelings for the carrier. Difference is that you will have to take medications in order to prepare your uterus endometrium for embryo transfer, and to support the transferred embryo with different genetics for 12 weeks. Usually, after 12 weeks, medications are cancelled, and pregnancy is going naturally. Ukrainian Surrogates managers and IVF clinics doctors are here to answer all your questions and support you in this process.

In the beginning, you may experience symptoms like your monthly cycle, such as emotional mood swings. Your hormones will be changing, and this is normal, as it is during any pregnancy.

Generally, surrogate cannot be with negative Rhesus factor. You can speak to our IVF clinic gynecologist-reproductologist doctor for more information about any medical questions.

The law defines that you are a third party woman who carried other people’s child, and that is why intended parents will have their names on the birth certificate. Surrogate’s name appears only on a medical birth certificate issued by the maternity hospital and on a notarized permission to register the child. These documents are kept in a birth register of a local municipality. Parents will need to apostil the birth certificate for use abroad. This is included in our legal package.

Our in-house attorneys have worked with many surrogates in the past and have a strong understanding of assisted reproduction technology law and surrogacy. Your intended parents cover all your surrogacy legal fees.

Yes. The intended parents assign a custody person to take care of their child in case of their death.

The Ukrainian Surrogates Agency will help you on the intended parents’ behalf to solve all issues.

Never. No.

We check our intended parents for the stability in their family relationship. If a divorce happen, you would not have to take care of the child. The intended parents will work out a custody between themselves and decide who keeps the child.

This is a requirement by the Ministry of healthcare of Ukraine for all candidates of surrogates and egg donors to have own child to prove her fertility.

For any queries or assistance please call: